If you wish to preserve the beautiful and lovely roses that your hubby gifted you on your birthday, this article is your stop. Find ways to save roses.

How To Save Roses

Whether it’s a birthday, a marriage, wedding anniversary, first honeymoon, or Valentine’s Day, roses have been associated with every memorable and cherished occasion. And amongst all the flowers available under the sky, roses turn out to be the most popular gift bouquet option. While those bright petals simply look gorgeous and stunning, their color and texture fades away in a few days, leaving you depressed. After all, those were the roses presented to you by your sweetheart. How nice would it be if you could save them forever or at least preserve the rose petals? A great and fantastic idea, right! To fulfill your dearly wish, we bring you some easy ways to save your precious roses. Read on to know them.
Ways To Preserve Roses
Wax Them Up
  • Cut the flower stem up to 2 inches long.
  • Spread wax paper on a cookie sheet.
  • Place two blocks of paraffin wax in a pot and melt them over a double boiler.
  • Once all the wax has melted, lower the heat and dip the whole rose bloom into the wax holding it by the stem.
  • Lift up the rose immediately and allow the excess wax to drip back into the pot.
  • Spoon some wax into the center of the rose.
  • Hold the flower upside down for 30 seconds and place it on the wax paper on its side. Allow the wax to harden for 30 minutes.
  • Dip the stem into the wax 2-3 times until fully covered.
  • Dip the entire rose into the wax all over again and dry it completely.
  • Wrap a ribbon around the stem to decorate it once the wax has hardened.
Drying Method
  • Trim the stems of the roses and remove the leaves to get rid of any decomposing matter that has clung onto them while submerged in water.
  • Hang the roses upside down in a cool, dark place before they start drooping and the petals drop out.
  • Leave them in an airy and rarely used closet to dry out completely. Make sure that each flower is hung separately from others.
  • After complete drying, spray the roses with floral fixative to prevent the dry petals from falling off.
  • You can place them in a flower vase to preserve your precious moments. They’ll not retain their true color, but they’ll surely exude a lovely antique appearance.
Make A Rose Bowl
  • While it may not be possible to save the entire bouquet of roses or whole flowers, you can certainly save the petals, especially those that are delightfully fragrant.
  • Pluck the rose petals and place them on paper towels.
  • Keep them in a dark location and allow them to dry naturally.
  • You will get slightly curved rose petals exuding a pleasant scent, unlike those preserved in a heavy book that turn fragile and flat.
  • Place the dried rose petals in a pretty glass bowl or float them in water decked up with candles.
By utilizing these ways, you can save the beautiful petals of roses gifted by your darling for a longer duration. Go ahead and let them speak out romance for themselves.

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