Colours play an important role in setting up the tone and ambiance of a place. Read on further to learn more on bathroom paint colour ideas.

Bathroom Paint Colours

Kohler’s and Jaguar’s are only some recent developments one can see in a bathroom, which was previously the most ignored area of the house in terms of interiors and decorations. People often didn’t bother and thought much over making the bathroom space look welcoming, warm and appealing. Random tiles were picked to make checks of different colours and available paint was used to cover the seeping on the walls. But now-a-days bathrooms have a different story to narrate. They are becoming bigger and luxurious and at times the most decorative and welcoming place one can find in a house. People today don’t mind spending money on bathroom remodelling and especially experimenting with different colours. Paint colours are one of the best ways you can use to set the tone and mood of your bathroom place. Choosing the right colour for your bathroom and the right shade and combination is not an easy task and requires a lot of trials and research to be done. Put on your creative cap and choose the colour combinations from the paint colours for bathroom discussed below.

Bathroom Paint Colour Ideas

  • Bright red or shades of orange are some cool colour choices for your bathroom. These colours represent freshness and will make you feel energetic, especially if these colours are used in shower area. You can even combine or mix and match these colours with your bathroom mirror to create a perfect combination between the routine bathroom mirror and the walls.
  • Light colours like white have always been one of the most famous of all popular bathroom wall colours. White is a popular colour for bathroom walls because of its crisp and clean look. Well, it again depends from person to person because some feel white to be boring and bland, while some find it to be bright and appealing. White has many shades and tones to offer like the creamy white and ivories that provide a warm atmosphere along with the crisp appeal.
  • You can use shades of dark colours as well to enhance the appearance of the space available in contrast with the other accessories available. Though light colours are what are recommended for bathroom space to make it look spacious, but if you have a big enough bathroom and need to create a unique and cozy appeal, any shades of dark colours can be opted for.
  • Black is another option when it comes to painting your bathroom walls. Black is the colour that is used to fade in bathroom and is also good to absorb more moisture in any bathroom. Light colours don’t have strong water absorbing quality, so they might take a bit longer than black. But, if it is to get rid of moisture that you are looking for then black is the best option. You can use shades of black in combination with other colours to create a good warm combination.
  • Blue is the best colour you can choose for your bathroom walls. Blue in any shade will be loved by all and will produce a soothing and refreshing ambiance. This colour of the oceans and sky creates a cool atmosphere and gives a natural feel in the shower room with the water flowing. You can also opt for muted wedgewood blues to create a sense of warmness and relaxation.
  •  Cool colours like pastels can help give your small bathroom space an illusion of space. Though today people go in for bolder colours to compliment the other accessories and surroundings, it is better to stick to paler colours if the bathroom space you have is small. Lighter walls will also absorb light and will make the space look bright and lively.
  • Pink, though unconventional, is another colour you can choose from the lighter shades for your bathroom walls. Pink will give a retro look or Victorian and a cottage design to your bathroom space. Pink is considered to be the best colour to suit the skin tones when applying make-up in bathroom.
  • Yellows and shades of greens can also prove to be charming and appealing for your bathroom. However, these two colours are criticized due to the idea that yellow makes the skin sallow and greens make you look sick. These colours are also infamous for their reflecting property. However, lighter shades of both these colours won’t have the same quality. You can use pale yellow shade along with white trims to absorb more of natural light.
  • If you are looking for anything dramatic yet cozy, brown and taupe paint hues will be just perfect for your bathroom walls. These deep toned neutrals can create an earthy ambiance. You can use a deeper shade of one of these colours on one wall to give a focal point to your small bathroom.
Choosing bathroom paint colours depends upon many factors like the space available, the accessories and furniture and the purpose you want the colour to serve. The above mentioned colour ideas are the best you can choose from.

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