To maintain privacy and control the light in a room, window blinds are the best option to go for. Go through this article and explore how to install blinds.

How To Install Blinds

Add a touch of privacy and seclusion to your room or office space by installing blinds on the windows. Essentially meant to cover the windows, blinds not only add aesthetic charm to a place but are also extremely functional. These are made up of various materials like wood, metal and fabric. While most blinds come with chords that control the movement, nowadays, machine operated and remote controlled window blinds are also present in the market. Talking about installation, there are number of options available to install the blinds. Blinds can be installed within or above the casement and curtains. Special rods are also available for the same purpose. The efficiency of the blinds is mainly considered by the way they are installed. In case you are planning to equip your bedroom or office window with blinds, know that you don’t need to hire any professional for the task. A few essential tools and some patience is all it takes to install the blinds. Have a look.  
Installing Blinds
Things Required
  • Window Blind
  • Measuring Tapes
  • Screw Driver
  • Drill Machine
Measure Inside Mount
The window is measured for the inside mounting. The distance between the sides jambs of a window frame are measured considering three sides, which includes top, bottom and sides. Out of the three, note down the smallest measurement. Also, measure the height of the window frame from the middle and sides. In this case, record the largest measurement. The width of the window frame should also be measured.
Measure Outside Mount
Measure the height, width and breadth of the window from all the side and record the measurement. If the window is not trimmed, add up few inches on both sides to make it of correct size. Also, add up some inches at the top of the window to fix the hardware and at the bottom for blocking lights.
Mounting Brackets
Hold one of the brackets at the place where it is supposed to get installed and mark the points at the positions of the screw. Now, with the help of the drilling machine, make a pilot hole on that point. Finally, fix the bracket on that position. Install the rest of the brackets following the same procedure.
Head Rail
Once all the brackets are fixed, install the blinds in the head rails present on the bracket. Hang the rail on the mounting bracket and lastly, lock the rails as instructed by the manufacturing company.
Bring the valance at the right place on the side rail and line up the ends of the valance and rails. Cut the excess length of the valance with the help of the knife or scissor. Now install it on the head rail.
Hold Down Clips
Position the hold down clip with the side jamb of the window frame at the desired height. Using a pencil mark the position of screws. Using drilling machine, make a pilot hole and fix the hold down clips to the side jamb and do the same with the other, holding the down clip on the opposite side. Sometimes, wider blinds come up with the bracket at the center. Attach this bracket at the head frame of the window. It is advisable to keep the pull string of the blind out of the reach of children in order to avoid accidents.

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