Ladders are perhaps the oldest tools known to mankind. Read below to know more on the different types of ladders that have been in use since ages.

Types Of Ladders

Ladders are one of those simple tools which show how creative the human mind really is. It is also a very good example of how simple solutions can turn the fate of even the complex of problems. Thus, if your grasp on any object is eluded by your size, you need nothing more than several rung of steps to catch it. No matter how high the object is, there are ladders that can reach it. And yes, even the moon is within the reach of ladders if the current scientific gossip is to be believed. Scientists are working out a design to build a mechanized ladder using nanotechnology that reaches the moon from the earth. Whether this remains in the realm of science fiction is yet to be seen, but what cannot be discounted, is that ladders have had a very important role in the advancement of the human race. No wonder there are such a huge variety of ladders used for tasks as simple as picking fruits to climbing high rises! Would construction of buildings have been possible if scaffolding, a type of ladder, had not been developed? There are various other instances where ladders have played a central role. If you want to know more about ladders, then it is better if you start by knowing the different types of ladders that are most commonly used. The article given below will help you in your endeavor.
Different Kinds Of Ladders 

Depending Upon Usage

Cat Ladder
This type of ladder is used for an entirely different function than the usual ladders, which are primarily meant for climbing upwards. Cat ladders are basically used in steep roofs to prevent sliding. Such type of a ladder is mostly used by workers while putting or repairing roofs. The weight of cat ladder is very light, which makes it very convenient to push around.
Hook Ladder
This type of ladder is mostly used by firefighters. Such ladders have a hook at the top end, which is mostly used for gripping ledges and windowsills.
Orchard Ladder
This type of ladders has three legs instead of the usual two. This ladder is mostly used in orchards to pick fruits. The advantage of this ladder in picking fruits is that the third leg can be inserted between tree branches.
Step Ladder
The step ladder looks like an inverted ‘V’. The ladder is hinged in the middle and there are stays to keep it at a fixed angle.
Extension Ladder
As the name suggests, this ladder can be slid apart to increase the length and when not in use, it can be slid together for convenient storage. Some extension ladders come with a pulley system, which makes it easier to extend the ladder and lock it in place.
Bridge Ladder
The main function of this ladder is to act as a bridge. It is mostly used by the military and adventurers to get across drops and chasms in mountains.
Fixed Ladder
Fixed ladders are permanently attached to a structure like buildings, bridges and other pieces of equipment. Such ladders mostly have two sides joined by several rungs, affixed to structure with no moving parts
Depending On Materials
Aluminum Ladders
Ladders made from aluminum are light weight and are notable for their strength. Therefore, such ladders are safe from the daily wear and tear. However, since aluminum is a good conductor of heat and electricity, ladders made from aluminum should be kept safe from such elements. Aluminum ladders are ideal for indoor usage and outdoor projects away from power lines and corrosive salt water.
Fiberglass Ladders
Ladders made from fiberglass are mostly used in electrical applications, as the material doesn’t conduct electricity as long as it is not wet. Apart from being strong and durable, fiberglass ladders areresistant to insect damage and exposure to outside elements. Also, because of its non-conducive nature, ladders made from fiberglass are better suited for outdoor work and roofing.
Timber Ladders
Timber ladders are generally ladders made from a combination dense hardwood and soft wood. Such ladders are strong, but age quickly than those made from other materials. The timber ladders can be made to last long by coating them with varnish. Also, such ladders are relatively heavier than their counterparts and prone to damage from insects and weather exposure.

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