Having a beautiful lawn is the dream of every homeowner. Read through this article to learn a few essential lawn care tips.

Lawn Care Tips

A good-looking and green lawn is what every homeowner desires and craves. However, it takes quite a lot of time, commitment, and persistence to have a picture perfect lawn. Lawn care doesn’t mean just regular watering and mowing, it means a lot more than that. If you plan to have your own lawn, you should know which fertilizer to use, how to mow and prune, and how to save the lawn from diseases and pest attacks. Nevertheless, it can be an easy task for you if you are familiar with the natural condition in which the grasses live. Try to mimic the natural condition as much as possible for a healthy and flourishing lawn. The four basic aspects of lawn care include proper light exposure, fertilization, watering and pruning, and maintaining best possible soil conditions. Just follow the basics and you will have a flourishing and thriving lawn that will be the reason for envy in the entire neighborhood. Read through the sections that follow to learn a few lawn care tips.

Tips For Lawn Care

Experts say that an average lawn requires an inch of water per week to keep it verdant and green. But, if you live in an area that has a hot and dry climate, more water will be essential. Take the help of your local nursery to learn how much water is sufficient to keep your lawn healthy. While wet soil may make plants more disease prone, dry soil may damage the lawn completely.

Only watering is not sufficient to take care of your lawn. You need to use fertilizers regularly to have a healthy lawn. When it comes to fertilizers, organic fertilizers always score over chemical fertilizers. Organic fertilizers like rose-tone, compost, leaf mold, fish emulsion, and aged manure are particularly good for the health of your lawn. You may fertilize your lawn with a two-in-one fertilizer along with a weed killing component just at the start of the mowing season. This will help the fertilizer to get absorbed in the soil through the aerated pores, thus supplying essential nutrients to the roots. In addition, the weed killer will also kill all the weeds and patches of crab grass, if any.

Pruning is essential to maintain the neatly manicured look of your lawn. Pruning helps to remove dead and diseased grass. Pruning during early fall is particularly good for the foliage of your lawn. 

Mow your lawn regularly to keep the length of the grass uniform. Different grasses grow differently, so choose your desirable length. Allow the grass clippings to decompose on the grass. This is a natural fertilizer and will boost the nitrogen content of the soil. Always use a sharp blade to mow the grass. This will only cut the unwanted leaves and won’t damage the plants. Also, set your lawnmower at a height that will not damage the roots of the grass.

Checking For Diseases
It is absolutely essential to check the health of your lawn on a regular basis. Plants of all types can very easily fall prey to number of vermin and insects. An infected plant can lead to the damage of the entire lawn. Beetles and grubs are some of the most common pests that destroy lawns. Therefore, taking necessary action as soon as you notice the first signs of infection and the presence of pests can save your lawn from disaster. 

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