If you have ever encountered skunks in your life, you’d probably be the first one to agree that they stink. Explore this article to know how to get rid of skunk smell.

How To Get Rid Of Skunk Smell

Skunks stink and there is no denying the element of truth in a fact as powerful as that. If you happen to live in a neighborhood that is infamous for its skunk population, you’d probably agree that few smells can be more annoying than the stench of a skunk. Why do skunks stink as much as they do? Well, if you want to look at the whole issue from the perspective of the skunk, the stench of a skunk can simply be termed ‘defense mechanism’. However, as humans, putting up with the stench of a skunk can be quite the ordeal. This is mostly because the stench of a skunk can get on to your clothes, your mattresses, your carpets, your person and even your pets. Thankfully, however, there are crystal clear ways on getting rid of skunk smell. If you are looking to put an end to the stench of a skunk, go ahead and read on to find out how you can achieve the objective in question.

Getting Rid Of Skunk Smell

  • As bad as a skunk smells, it’s really not impossible to get rid of the smell. If you believe you are stinking of skunk, you can start getting rid of the stench by adding about a quart of hydrogen peroxide to about ¼ cup of baking soda. Mix both ingredients until you have a really thick paste. Rub this paste onto your skin, leave it on for a few minutes and then step in for a shower. You can use a normal bathing soap to wash the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda away. If you want the mixture to spread that much more easily, you can add a teaspoon of liquid soap to it!
  • If your pet is all restless because it is going through the agony of having to deal with the smell of a skunk, there is something you can do to provide it with relief. Start off by rubbing baking soda onto the skin of your pet. Once you are done with this, put on a fresh pair of gloves and rub a little hydrogen peroxide onto its skin. Leave the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide on your pet for a few minutes before actually going ahead and washing the same away. You can use bathing bars made especially for pets to wash away the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mixture.
  • If you are looking to get rid of the stench of a skunk in areas like garages or porches, then there is a separate way to approach the whole issue. You can begin countering the stench by adding a portion of bleach to around 9 parts of water. You can use a big bucket for this purpose. Stir the mixture until you are sure that both ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Move on to the areas that smell of skunk and pour out the bleach and water mixture. After a good four to five hours, you can wash away the mixture with clean and fresh water. The skunk smell should be gone. However, it is important to mention here that when you are actually pouring out the bleach and water mixture onto areas that stink, the stench will be intolerable. In time, however, this stench should be as good as gone.
  • For clothes that smell of skunk, you can actually go ahead and hand them over to a dry cleaner. If you are, however, willing to get rid of the stench yourself, you can do so by washing your clothes repeatedly in the washing machine. If you are looking to get rid of the stench of a skunk from carpets and mattresses, you can do so by adding about a quart of vinegar to around ¼ cup of baking soda. Apply this mixture onto affected carpets and mattresses. Leave the mixture on for a few minutes and wash the affected items until you are convinced that the smell has gone.

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