Flowers enhance the look and beauty of any place where they are planted. If you are new to gardening and wondering which are the easy to grow flowers, read the article.

Easy To Grow Flowers

To enhance the beauty of your house you do not need anything more than a few choicest selections of flowering plants. Flowers are the most beautiful creations of nature and adding a slice of this natural beauty would not only beautify the surrounding, but also bring you closer to nature. In this time of constrained space, having a garden is a luxury. But to grow flowers doesn’t require a large space like a garden. A small space where a pot can be fitted and which receives direct sunlight is enough to grow a few flowers. As with any plant, maintenance is a key requirement. For most people, this is not possible as the busy daily life leaves little time for anything else. So, it makes sense to select plants that are very easy to grow and doesn’t require you to invest much of your time. Just getting a few criteria right like planting them properly, watering regularly and ensuring appropriate sunlight is all that is required for them to thrive and bless you with their beauty. Given below in the article is a selection of a few such easy to grow flowers. Read further to know more.
Easy Growing Flowers
Hibiscus can be grown even in the smallest of places; as long as it receives appropriate sunlight every day and is watered regularly. Though the white and the red hibiscus are the most common, there are also plenty of other shades of hibiscus that you can go for. The plant should be pruned when there are less buds and flowers. Hibiscus will start budding at least 5 to 6 weeks after pruning.
Jasmine grows well when provided with partial shade and moistness. The jasmine blossoms are noted for their beauty and fragrance. The flowers open at night when the temperature is cooler and by the early morning it starts closing. The plant can sometimes grow quite tall, so it is better if you plant the jasmine in a big pot. There are about 200 hundred species of jasmine found in most warm climes.
This is a thorny shrub with bright red flowers and can be easily grown with minimal watering. However, ensure that the plant receives direct sunlight, for the flowers to bloom. The stem of the shrub has dense and thick spines, which helps it to grow over other plants. So, it is better if you do not plant it along with other plants. Young crown of thorn plants will have plenty of foliage.
Forget-me-not plants have small white and pink flowers that bloom during the spring. They thrive well in moist environment with partial sunlight and shade. Because they are so easy to grow, forget-me-nots are very popular as garden plants. The plant is also known to attract moths and butterflies, as their larvae use the plant as food.
Marigolds are the most common and the easiest to grow amongst all the flowers. The flowers bloom from spring to fall in several colors such as yellow, orange, golden to even white. Marigold can grow in any type of soil and grow best when there is good drainage. Marigolds also spread a whiff of fragrance around the place where they are grown. The plant is known to attract butterflies and so is also an excellent butterfly gardening plant.

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