Mustard is the fine line that divides tastiness from the bland. Read below to know how to remove mustard stains.

How To Remove Mustard Stains

The sharp, pungent flavor and tangy taste makes mustard an excellent condiment when paired with burgers, hot dogs and meat. Though mustard is noted for providing strong taste, it is also very notorious for causing stains. The strong flavor of mustard is matched by the stubbornness of the stains it causes. Like ketchup, a drip of mustard on your clothes is enough to ruin the fun of eating. But one cannot let go of eating yummy burgers and hot dogs just for the fear of getting stains on the clothes. To remove mustard stains, simply wiping them with a wet tissue won’t do the trick. One cannot also wear a raincoat when the desire to grab a bite from a fast food joint pops up, which can be very often. So, the obvious option left is to know how to get rid of mustard stains that you will eventually get, no matter how carefully you hold and eat the hot dog or burger. Therefore, you should patiently go through the rest of this article wherein you will learn how to effectively remove mustard stains. The tips listed here will prevent you from sacrificing your clothes or your appetite because of the stains. Read below to know more.

Tips On Removing Mustard Stains

From Clothes
  • The minute you notice the stain, you should remove the excess mustard. For this, you can use a spoon and scrape gently at the stain. It is better if you scrape the stain from the outside inwards, so that it doesn’t spread.
  • It is also better if you can work on the stain from the inside out. In this way, the stain won’t lift off through the fabric. When working on the cloth inside out, place a light-colored cloth under the stain to prevent it from staining the other side.
  • Now you should pre treat the stain. For this, use lukewarm water and clear dishwashing liquid. Soak a light colored cloth in this solution and dab the stain.
  • Now wash the cloth in hot water. After washing, if the stain doesn’t go, then don’t dry or iron the cloth. Instead use other methods to lift the stain.
  • Mix white vinegar and warm water and using a light colored cloth, gently dab at the stain. Then wash the cloth again. If the cloth is colorfast, then you can use hydrogen peroxide to bleach the stain.
  • To remove old and dry stains from clothes, you should dab the stain with glycerin and let it sit for 30 minutes. Glycerin will loosen the stain and after using it you can try the other treatments to remove the stain.
From Leather Or Suede
  • Mix a mild soap in lukewarm water to form a large volume of suds. Use a sponge and apply only the suds on the stain.
  • Dampen a clean cloth and wipe the stain. Use the foam till the stain starts to fade. Then use a soft cloth to dry.
Non-Washable Clothes
  • Use a spoon to scrape off the excess stain. Then apply a cleaning fluid to loosen the stain.
  • Use a soft brush on the stain with light strokes. This will help in loosening the stain.
  • Use a dry cleaning solvent to flush the stain. Use a sponge to apply a mixture of water and white vinegar on the stain. Then use an absorbent pad to soak the liquid.
  • Continue brushing and applying the white vinegar until the stain disappears.

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