Addictions take charge of your life without giving you a chance to realise what’s happening. But knowing the signs and symptoms of addiction could help you draw a line to it.

Signs Of Addiction

Any form of addiction – drug abuse, alcoholism or behavioral problems can affect an individual both mentally and physically. Addictions come in different extremes to various people and there are no set rules or symptoms that you can identify yourself with. The correct definition of an addiction would be a person having no control over what he/she is doing. Addictions can be very persistent and dangerous and have been known to cause severe downfalls of addicted people. Ranging from commoners to celebrities, addiction spares no one it affects. A common misconception is that addictions are only to alcohol or drugs, but, in effect, people can get addicted to substances such as medications, strong smell of markers, cigarettes and even glue! The possibilities are endless and so in dealing with patients with addiction, one must be careful and meticulous or else the patient might end up feeling worse than they already are. Read more about the signs of addiction to help yourself or someone who is suffering near you.

Symptoms Of Addiction

  • Neglecting responsibilities such as skipping classes, not taking children to school on time, flunking in subjects etc. This could occur as part of work, school or home chores.
  • Extreme mood swings such as being happy, sad, anxious, excited, depressed etc suddenly and without relevant reason.
  • Money matters becoming dicey. At some points, the subject will have lots of money and then there will be an unexplainable loss of it. This could be either be in the form of buying drugs/substances or lending money to someone that they don’t remember.
  • Sudden change in eating habits. This is the best evidence. Either a huge appetite (especially if after smoking up) or a very low appetite and a feeling of fullness. The same way, weight gain or loss can also be effective indicators.
  • Isolation is one of the most common problems. People who are addicted feel unloved and separate themselves from other people. Thoughts running through their minds would be that others don’t understand them or they don’t fit into society. Feelings of emptiness and disappointment set in and that leads to isolation.
  • Secretiveness is another sign of addiction. When the person is trying to hide things and keep closing and locking doors behind them, then there is something they’re up to. Addicts believe their addiction is a secret. They tell lies to hide these secrets too. In short, they keep fooling themselves that they are not addicted.
  • Finding drugs/substances/alcohols in different locations in the house such as a bathroom, under the bed, behind the cupboard, certain rooms of the house or the garage is more than enough proof that there is something to worry about.
  • Sudden bursts of energy are definite give-aways. Due to this, subjects get extremely tired and sleep at all times of the day. They lose total sense of time and sleeping and resting will occur at any time.
  • Infact, one of the most dangerous signs is being defensive. Addicts never like to be told they are wrong. They do exactly as they please. If you approach an addict and ask him why he/she is doing all this, then they either ignore the question or reply back with some hurtful reply such as “Why do people care? “What is their problem?” etc. They feel like their addiction (if they admit it!) is only affecting them.
  • Sudden change in group of friends and talking to people secretly during all times of the day. Odd cell phone conversations are what give the addiction away!

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