While remodeling or constructing a brand new bathroom, make sure you have some storage facilities, as this would keep the area clutter-free. Read below for a few tips on bathroom storage.

Bathroom Storage Tips

Do you spend a considerable amount of time trying to locate the essentials in your bathroom every morning? Is your bathroom usually in a mess? You are pressed for time, half asleep and can’t find where your comb or hair gel is among the mass of towels! Looking for a way out from the freaky mess? Here’s a respite - allocate a storage space so that you separate what you need on a daily basis from those that you don’t use frequently. The size of the bathroom often makes it difficult to give due consideration to storage facilities. Even if some cabinets are built, most often they turn out to be inadequate, thereby making the bathroom increasingly cluttered. However, some strategic planning, coupled with a little bit of imagination and creativity, can surely help you fix new storage areas. This article is all you need to give your bathroom a spanking look by helping you store all your clutter and build effective storage areas. These storage ideas would work well for small bathrooms as well. And the best part about them is that it they won’t even burn a hole in your pocket. To know more on how you can build storage facilities for your bathroom, read further.
Bathroom Storage Ideas
  • In small bathrooms, towels and other paraphernalia take up a lot of space. Therefore, you can keep a small cupboard outside the bathroom, in which you can store the bulk of your towels. Make sure that you keep the towel at an easily accessible distance, so that you don’t have to run about.
  • Arrange for several shelves in the bathroom. These would increase the storage space without occupying much room. Go for specific types of shelves like corner shelves as they do not take much space but give more storage capacity. Or you can also keep a few cardboard boxes to store these. This is very necessary to clear the bathroom off the clutter. All your personal care items and other knick knacks can be stored in shelves and boxes.
  • Better go for a sink that comes with a storage cabinet attached. In this way, you can utilize the area under the sink. Or you can keep a box under the sink to act as storage space.
  • If your vanity cabinets are not enough, then you can go for mounted cabinets for added space. Mounted cabinets come in a variety of sizes and designs. You can always select one that fits your storage requirements.
  • Keep all the items in their designated storage units. This will help you to find the items quickly when you need them. For example, you can keep all your skin care products in one case and hair care products in another and the like. This would help you make your bathroom organized and tidy.
  • Baskets are another excellent storage item. Apart from serving as a storage space, baskets also enhance the decoration of the bathroom. You can hang a couple of baskets on the wall to store all your lightweight items. Baskets can also be used to keep all your hand towels and wash clothes.
  • To store your toothbrush, toothpaste and shaving items, you can use a number of small containers. The containers can be nothing more than mugs or beverage cans decorated with cardboards. This will also help you cut down on the costs.
  • You can invest in side cabinets with attachable sinks. It is better if you buy ones that come with built-in shelves. These cabinets will let you keep all the items in one place.

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