Looking for home cleaning remedies to efface all specks of dirt and grime from your house? If yes, navigate through these effective remedies on house cleaning and sparkle up your home.

Home Cleaning Remedies

It’s Sunday and you decide to take stock of things around you even as you gear up for the week ahead. However, the hitch is you don’t know where to start with, and how to go about it. The much sought after book slated for reading is lost in a cloud of dust, and the stinking toilet is screaming for your attention. You find yourself at work as you get on with your Sunday cleaning spree, dusting off lint from the furniture. You start off with dusting the tables and shelves and clearing the cobwebs from the ceiling even as your hands wipe the grilled windows and you raid the reeking bathroom with ‘super powders’ and cleansers. Almost everything in your house, from soiled mats to dusty desks to the reeking refrigerator, needs a quick hand dealing. If you are looking for remedies to sparkle up your home, then these effective measures on home cleaning can make your task easy. Given below are time-tested tips on home cleaning. Having given sufficient detail to each of the cleansing areas, this article can be a sure shot guide to ultimate home cleaning.
House Cleaning Tips & Ideas
For The Floor
Although house floorings usually differ from marble to ceramic, hardwood, mosaic and more, the common approach of sweeping and mopping the floor with water works in most cases. You can use a scented disinfectant to get rid of bugs and reeking odors. However, carpeted areas need extra care as spills here and there can make your job a little more tedious.
Your bathroom is the breeding ground for most germs. So exercise proper caution when dealing with your toilet bowl, sinks, washtubs and basins. Bathroom floors are often charged with microbes. Therefore, a person cleaning the toilet should not enter with bare feet for the task. Your bathroom curtains, mugs, bucket and the shelves need thorough cleansing as well. Also, make sure you use disinfectants to clean the floor and other bathroom areas. Also, proper ventilation during non-usage of the bathroom is a good idea. Always use scrub brushes sprinkled with baking soda to clean the closets and sink.
Window Panes And Tablemats
You can achieve spotless windowpanes by spraying them with a cleansing solution and then wiping them clean with a newspaper. This is sure to leave your panes looking as good as new. To clean the tablemats, just dab a wet cloth in detergent powder and scrub the mats gently. For tougher stains, you can use a mix of strong detergent and a suitable solution.
Ceiling And Shelves
To clean the cobwebs and high shelves in the house, you can use a small broom with an elongated handle to reach out to the difficult corners of the room. A ladder can make your task easy. However, make sure that you do not inhale any dust while cleaning the house. It is therefore a good idea to tie a handkerchief around the nasal area, make sure that your nose and mouth are well covered. The shelves, desks and tables can be wiped clean with a damped cloth for a sparkling effect.

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