You need not invest most of your savings on common house cleaning products available in the market. Here’s how to make organic house cleaning products.

How To Make Organic House Cleaning Products

We often wonder at how dependent we have become on synthetically made chemicals for every little need of ours – from perfumes to detergents; all that we have used are chemicals that have been made in the factory. Many such chemicals are non-biodegradable and could pose a serious threat to the environment, but we do not think of all that when we use the phenyl cleaner to mop the floor every morning. We often wonder what people did when such products were not invented or were too costly for normal people to afford them. The answer is simple – they used organic or naturally made products for home cleaning. In fact, many substances that we usually find in the kitchen or around the house can be used to come up with such products, but we do not have the time to think on those lines. If you would like to give some thought to the environment and make some organic house cleaning products, here are a few that you can use.
Making Natural House Cleaning Products
Here are some house cleaning products and how they can be made at home using natural products:
Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner 
You can make a simple, organic all purpose cleaner by mixing about three tablespoons of white vinegar and one-teaspoon borax in a sixteen-ounce non-aerosol spray bottle. To it, add about two cups of warm to hot water. Give it a good shake to mix all the ingredients well and add about three drops of peppermint oil to give it a pleasing scent. This cleaner can be used to wipe down bathroom and kitchen counters.
Cleaner For Tub And Tile 
To make a cleaner for the bathtub and the tiles, you could just sprinkle about two tablespoons of baking soda onto a damp sponge. Rub this solution over the bathtub to remove dirt and grime, and then rinse with warm water. For stains that are tougher, spray white vinegar over the tub and tile first to help break up the grime. Follow it by rubbing it with the baking soda over sponge. Rinse well with warm water and a clean sponge.
Simple Floor Cleaner 
To make an organic floor cleaner combine equal parts of white vinegar and water in a large bucket. You could begin by mixing four cups each of water and vinegar. You could also add more or less depending on the area of floor you will be cleaning. Add about 10 drops of peppermint essential oil. Mix well. Use this cleaner on vinyl and linoleum. Be careful to use this cleaner only on floors that require being dampened before cleaning.
Window Cleaning Solution 
To make an excellent organic window cleaning solution, all you need to do is to mix two teaspoons of white vinegar with one liter of water in a liter spray bottle. This makes an excellent cleaner for windowpanes and mirrors. To avoid streaks on the windowpanes and mirrors, wipe them down with old newspapers after having cleaned them with the solution
Toilet Cleaning Solution 
You can clean the toilet bowls with a solution that combines a quarter cup of baking soda and one cup of white vinegar in a medium sized bowl. Make this mixture and stir it well. You will need to flush the toilet first, add this solution, and let it sit for a few minutes and then brush it with a toilet brush and flush it finally. A wonderful substitute would be to use a combination of one cup of borax with half a cup of lemon juice. Clean the toilet in the same way.

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