If you are rooting for home cleaning solutions to sparkle up your home, then going through this article should leave you better informed on this.

Home Cleaning Solutions

Frantic weekdays, erratic schedules, extra-hours at the desk and even a hectic social life can leave you totally fagged out by the end of the week and get you  snoozing  for extra hours, with all thoughts of laundering, cooking and even dusting lurking nowhere close to your mind. However, your great weekend plans can go for a toss the moment you wake up and find yourself besieged with cobwebs, dusty shelves, reeking laundry, cloudy mirrors and other unmentionable debris. Before you scream and dial neighborhood home cleaning squad for urgent help, know that with a little motivation and right supplies, you can easily turn your apartment into a decent living zone once again. However, if the idea of getting expensive cleansing solutions doesn’t look like a fair deal on your pocket, you can always go for the good, old, tried-and-tested household staples like lemon, vinegar and water to wash off the dirt. After all, it’s better than living with dust bunnies. To know more on home cleaning solutions, read on.

Home Cleaning Remedies 

Sick of the grimy tabletop, sticky floor and musty smelling rugs and mats and wish you could do away with the smelly, greasy filth for good? Notch up your housecleaning skills with versatile vinegar and wipe off all traces of soot and smut from your house. This multipurpose cleaning and deodorizing agent isn’t just an effective solution against stubborn bathroom grunge and soiled hardwood floors, but is equally good against all kinds of mold, bacteria and germs. Just dilute some vinegar with water and mop your wall tiles and floors for some real sparkle and shine.  Whether you wish to get rid of your reeking refrigerator, dazzle your glass tabletops or add some sheen to your carved wooden furniture, vinegar is indeed your bet. 

Baking Soda
Wish to dazzle your silver jewelry or clean your barbeque grill, remove the cigarette stench from your upholstery or just unclog your drainpipe? If yes, use baking soda as it can turn your home super clean in minutes. You can clean almost anything, right from your sticky kitchen tiles to crayon stains on your walls using a baking soda solution. Just mix two cups of baking soda with half a cup of tepid water and spray it on the floor or gently scrub it on the wall to do away with the grime and stains. This natural cleaner easily fits into everyone’s budget and is indeed a cost-effective option to clean and clear living. 

Hydrogen Peroxide
If you are hunting for a budget-smart, eco-friendly and wholly effective household cleansing staple to sparkle up your home; there is nothing better than hydrogen peroxide to suit your need. This potent oxidizer works best on white surfaces and is the ultimate remedy for grubby bathtubs, grimy porcelain sinks, white bathroom tiles and floors. If you wish to eject dirt and spills from your kitchen and bathroom without having to worry about your white tiles, floors and sinks, hydrogen peroxide is the way to go. 

Dishwashing Detergents
Wondering which is the best cleansing solution for your expensive granite kitchen countertop? Well, before you walk down the supermarket aisle and grab gallons of chemical laden cleansing products, know that something as simple as your daily dishwashing detergent can take care of your countertops without abrading it. Just add some detergent to water and use this soapy solution to clean your countertops. Household staples like lemon, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are a complete ‘no’ as these acidic ingredients tend to tarnish marble and granite, leaving them looking old and worn out. 

Lemon Juice
One of the most tried-and-tested remedies for stains and stench is the good old lemon. Just squirt some lemon juice on your dirty dishes, white laundry, white tiles, faucet, plastic items or floor and see them sparkle up in seconds. Lemon juice contains antibacterial properties and is indeed one of the best ways to keep your home looking and smelling fresh all day long.

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