Nothing looks good than a clean and organized home. Declutter your home and give it a well-maintained feel by following the decluttering tips given in this write-up.

Decluttering Tips

Do you have a closet stuffed with loads of clothes that are outdated or no longer fit you? Do you always have a hard time finding simple things, such as a light bulb or a pair of scissors? Are those piles of letters and magazines on table and countertop giving you less space to work on? Over a period of time, our houses tend to get accumulated with all kinds of treasures, keepsakes, and everyday items, especially if they are small. And with time, these junk items keep on increasing with no hopes of getting disposed off. And it’s not just one area that seems to be cluttered. Open up a closet, drawer, or shelf, and you’ll find most of them to be full of trash that definitely need to be kicked off, out of the home. But most of the times, you end up pampering them in your home as you consider them to be precious. Simplify your life by delcuttering your home and living in a clutter-free environment. Go through these tips to ease your job.
Home Decluttering Tips
Start decluttering your home with your bedroom. It is the primary source of mess, what with clothes, shoes, and accessories lying all across the room. Pick up all the clothing and sort them according to their requirement. Keeping the neat ones aside, drop the dirty ones in the laundry. Open up your closet and organize the clothes and shoes. Place the shoes and slippers on the lower segment and lay the folded clothes in the middle rack. Gather all the reading materials and discard the rubbish and unwanted materials. Remove all the items from dresser tops and dust them clean. Arrange the items according to their convenience. Dust the sheets after you wake up every morning and spread them neatly. Similarly, shake the pillows and smoothly fold the blankets or quilts that you use. Vacuum the floor and force all the dirt and dust out of the bedroom. There you go - you have a freshly cleaned floor, tidy bed, neat and clean tabletop, and well-maintained closet cabinets.
Do you spend hours in the bathroom reading magazines and leaving them inside while making an exit? Though they are a source of entertainment, know that their original place lies on writing desks or tables. Pick them from the bathroom and put them in their right location. Pick up and discard any pieces of tissues, band-aid wrappers, and product packaging in the bin. Collect all dirty clothes and soiled towels and put them into the laundry bag. Clear off the bathroom counters and wipe them clean. Place all the things lying on the counter to their original positions. Dust the light fixtures and spray the mirrors with an effective cleaner. Dry them off with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth. Mop the bathroom floors, shake the rugs, and vacuum the carpet (if your bathroom has one).
Amongst all the rooms in a house, the kitchen deems to be the most used and cluttered area. Start cleaning this area by gathering all the dirty dishes and putting them in the sink. Wash them, wipe dry, and put them in their respective places. Take a glance at your kitchen counters. Do they look clean and organized? Pick up all unwanted items and put them in their proper places. Coming to the kitchen cabinet, shuffle the goods and arrange them according to their category and size - place the smaller packets in the front and push the taller ones in the back. Organize the kitchen drawers by putting the  forks, spoons, knives, and other cooking utensils together. After you are done with the counters and cabinets, the stove should be given a thorough cleaning. Clean it with soapy water and wipe dry with a clean spongy cloth. Sweep the floor with a damp mop for that last shine.
Living Area
The living room is practically the multi-purpose zone of your house. You enjoy your leisure time there, have meals, watch the television, and even welcome the guests. As such, give special emphasis to this area while decluttering, as you’ll find lots of trash and scattered materials. Pick up the used dishes and utensils and show them the way to the kitchen. Gather all the useless paper pieces, candy wrappers, and empty pop cans and put them in the trash bag. All those articles of clothing, towels, shoes, and slippers lying around should be placed where they rightly belong to. After you are done with organizing and delcuttering the room, give it a quick dusting and vacuuming.
Make delcuttering a part of your household chores and enjoy a healthy and easy life. Though it is not a one day chore, adopt a habit of ‘one in, one out’ and make your home clutter-free.

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