Are you planning to overhaul the color scheme of your house? If yes, then here are some quick house painting ideas to make your home look more vibrant. Just browse through this article to learn more.

House Painting Ideas

Finding house painting ideas that are unique and personal can be challenging. While some color shades can make your home appear flat and featureless, some bright hues may overwhelm the house architecture. The best color scheme should help to highlight the most beautiful features of your home and disguise the design flaws. Most people crave for something new and unusual when it comes to house painting, but choosing the scheme color can be tough. Plus, they are unsure whether it will suit their home style and so they end up sticking to traditional neutral colors. But, you can have fun painting your house if you know the right color combinations. If you are creative enough, you can come up with your own color scheme to zest up your home decor. However, you need to consider many factors including the age and style of the house, the neighborhood, and personal preferences while choosing house paint color. If you are looking for house painting ideas then here are some tips for your aid. Just read on.

House Painting Tips

Interior House Painting Tips

  • If you want to add some drama to your living room, then pick a focal wall and paint it in deep shade and use a lighter shade to color the rest of the walls. Use sponge technique to paint your focal wall. This way, you can jazz up your living room. Plus, if your room is small, this paint technique will make the room look larger.
  • To add more visual interest to your room, you might want to paint your walls in stripes. Plus, a striped wall can also counteract the cramp feeling in a small room. If the floor space is short, horizontal stripes on the wall will visually lengthen the room.
  • If you crave for something different and unique, then you will definitely love the idea of patterned walls. Intricately patterned walls will bring a new touch to your home and will surely amaze your guests. Although painting patterns on walls is a bit time consuming process, the final effect is startling and certainly worth the extra effort.

Exterior House Painting Tips

  • Consider the age and style of your home while choosing color scheme for the exterior. If it’s a Victorian style house, go for a mix of black and somber shades like grays, burgundies, or forest green. If your home has intricate wood work, then use a color that has a similar tone. If it is a foursquare style home, then outline the edges of the house and window sashes in white, and paint the rest of the exterior in yellow.
  • Take a look around your neighborhood to determine the exterior color scheme of your house. It is not to say that all the houses on a block need to have identical color, but using a similar range of shades will make your house in sync with the rest of the houses in the neighborhood.
  • Before starting to paint the exterior of your home, take a look around your house to find any damages. Be sure to repair all the damages before you start painting the exterior of the house.
  • Most paint stores offer sample paint. Use it to paint a small portion of the wall to check if it suits your home before you paint the whole exterior.

All these house painting ideas will help you find that magic color combination for your home to make it appear more beautiful and vibrant.

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