Napkins, when folded in an elegant style, can heighten the dining experience. Read below to learn the different napkin folding styles.

Napkin Folding Styles

A fine dining experience doesn’t only depend on how good the food was. It depends a lot on stimulating conversation, elegant table decorations, and silverware or china that is used. All these can make the simple task of eating an entirely new experience. This is the reason why to make any special event memorable, the hosts go through all the fuss, so as to ensure that the guests round off the great time with an elegant dinner that is no less visually appealing. While there is no denying the fact that the taste of the food is what is of foremost importance, the style in which the food is presented also counts a lot. After the style, it is perhaps the decoration of the table that catches the eye of the guests. And when it comes to table decorations, every minute detail has to be addressed. Simple things like how the napkins are placed on the table can speak a lot on how much time and effort the host has spent. Though it may sound odd, it is true that napkins, when folded in elegant styles, can enhance the decoration of the table. They can be folded in graceful styles that are sure to heighten the appeal. Read the different styles of napkin folding given below.
Different Styles Of Napkin Folding
The Pyramid Fold
To prevent the napkin from folding easily, lightly starch the napkin before folding to keep it in place. Place the napkin flat face down on a smooth surface. Then fold it diagonally in half. Rotate the napkin so that the longer side of the triangle faces you. Fold the two side ends of the triangle on top so that the two tips meet the top corner of the triangle. This will give the napkin a diamond shape with a seam running down the center. Turn the napkin and fold it by bringing the open end to the top giving it the shape of a triangle. Now turn the napkin and let the open end face you. Along the center seam, fold the napkin and place it standing like a pyramid.
The Diamond Fold
Place the napkin on a flat and smooth surface. Fold the napkin in half and make the long open end facing you. Then fold the napkin into quarters. Fold the top most layer of the napkin diagonally up and towards the left. Fold the next layer diagonally in half as before but fold it a little below the edge of the top layer to give it a staggered effect. Likewise, fold the other layers in the same manner and keep each layer a little below the edge of the layer below it. Make sure that you fold all the layers uniformly. Now, fold the two sides under the napkin to give it a diamond shape.
The Pouch Fold
On a smooth surface put the napkin face down and then fold it in half. Let the open end face towards you and then fold it into quarters. Face the open corner away from you and to the left. Diagonally fold the topmost layer of the napkin and press it in place. Now turn over the napkin so that the open corner now faces towards the right. Fold the right side on top about 1/3 of the way and press it down firmly. Fold the left side up and insert the corner in the tiny fold on the right. Press down firmly to set the napkin. Turn it over and in the pouch, that is now formed, you can keep the spoons, forks or chop sticks.
The Silverware Roll
Place the napkin on a flat surface and diagonally fold it in half. Place the napkin in such a way that the longer side is towards you. Place the silverware like a spoon and fork on the inner edge of the long side. Fold the two corners over the silverware without creasing. Roll the silverware tightly over the napkin.
The napkin folding styles mentioned above are quick and easy to follow and go a long way in enhancing the dining experience. Try any one from the different napkin folding styles mentioned above.

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