You are considering to buy a new sofa, but you are overwhelmed as to which is the best one to pick. Discover the different styles of sofas by steering through this article.

Sofa Styles

One of the most widely used furniture in any home, particularly in the living room or lounge area, a sofa is the most comfortable piece to opt for. This European-influenced furniture is designed to provide comfort and relief by relaxing your body as you return back home after a day of strenuous activities at your workplace. They are long and large enough to accommodate one or more persons in them. For further comfort, they are upholstered with foams, cushions, springs, and other accessories. However, before you proceed towards making this big investment, it is best to consider the size and décor of your room and then move towards the size, style, design, fabric, color, durability, budget, and purpose of the sofa. Look through the different styles of sofas in the following lines and then determine the right fit for your room.
Different Styles Of Sofas
Traditional Sofa
A traditional sofa measures 6 to 8 feet, though you can get longer custom-made sofas. An average traditional sofa can sit two to three people and is one of the most common furniture pieces chosen for the living room. Each end of this sofa has an armrest that is about halfway up the length of the back of the sofa.
Convertible Sofa
Convertible sofas are highly useful for people living in small quarters or for overnight guests. They open up to form an extra bed. While the sofa converts into a bed, the cushions become the mattress, allowing the users to enjoy a pleasant sleep.
A smaller version of a traditional sofa, a loveseat can adjust two people and is best suited for smaller rooms. To create more seating for people in a small room or for a better conversation, two loveseats can be arranged facing each other.
A kind of loveseat, a settee is a French-inspired type of sofa that enhances the décor of a room with antique furnishings. Generally smaller than other sofa types, a settee has a wooden frame, open arms, and an upholstered seat, usually carved in unique designs.
Sectional Sofa
A sectional sofa is a large sofa measuring from 6 to 16 feet long and can be easily repositioned into several smaller sections or combined to form a curved seating area. The separate pieces can be arranged to form an ‘L’ shape or even a circular arrangement. While some sets have a right and left arm, others may even recline. Sectional sofas are ideal for large rooms or for accommodating large families.
Bridgewater Sofa
Enhance the beauty of a casual and elegantly decorated room with a Bridgewater sofa, also known as an English sofa. True to its name, this sofa is one of the most comfortable sofa styles completed with deep, soft cushions. The arms are generally low and set slightly backwards from the front of the sofa. Skirts, that cover the bottom area of the sofa, go missing from Bridgewater sofas, but they are balanced off with slender and elegant legs.
Lawson Sofa
For those seeking utmost comfort and relaxation, the Lawson styles sofa is the perfect pick. They are characterized by a square, geometrical shape seating 3 to 4 people easily. With low backs, low arms, and comfortable headrests, Lawson sofas offer a complete retreat. Though these sofas are best adaptable to modern décor, they contentedly fit into other themes as well.
Think of a backless sofa and you have the divan. It is often placed against the wall and adorned with pillows to provide comfort to the users. A fainting couch is one variant of a divan which has one side angled to recline. It is suitable for people with a more delicate temperament.

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