Making your own napkin rings at home is pretty easy and inexpensive. Explore the article to know tips on how to make napkin rings in a variety of ways.

How To Make Napkin Rings

Napkins folded inside an elegant ring impart class to your dining area. You can dress up your dining table, using some creativity to make beautiful rings to tie around your napkins. Handmade napkin rings that are made using innovative ideas will also draw the attention of your diners and impress them. These rings are fun and easy to make and also pretty inexpensive at the same time. Explore the article to learn how to make some fabulous napkin rings, without putting in a strenuous effort and wasting a lot of time.
Making Your Own Napkin Rings
  • 2 Cardboard Toilet Paper Tubes
  • Knife
  • Acrylic Craft Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • 3 Foot Ribbon
  • Craft Glue
  • Embellishments (optional)
  • Begin with the cardboard paper tubes, by cutting each tube into three rings of equal size, with a sharp knife. You can cut the paper tubes thin or thick, according to your preference. However, this size will usually work well for most napkins.
  • Use acrylic paint to paint each of the rings with a small paint brush. The color of the ring can be in accordance with your preference or the theme of your dining room décor. Metallic paint will have greater visibility through the ribbon.
  • For each of the napkin rings, cut a foot long ribbon. Using craft glue, glue one end of the each ribbon to the inside of each ring. Let the glue dry completely, so that it sticks well.
  • Wrap the ribbon in several circles, around each of the napkin ring. In order to make the paint show through, leave a small space each time you make a wrap circle with the ribbon. The wrapping should end on the inside of each ring, where it is to be glued on with craft glue.
  • You can either use the napkins as they are or choose to do more decorations using plastic flowers, foliage and different colored ribbons and laces. The decorations can be attached using craft glue. Once they dry completely, you can place the napkin rings around the napkins.
More Ideas
Fabric Covered Napkin Rings
Fabric-covered napkin rings can be made with cardboard paper towel tubes. From the towel tube, cut rings of your desired thickness and cover them with a fabric or paper of your choice. Fabrics and papers for making napkin rings can be wallpaper samples, felt, velvet, satin, handmade paper, gold lame, even fake fur. The options to choose from are limitless.
Vine Napkin Rings
Grapevine can also be used for making napkin rings. Choose 2-inches wide mandrel to wrap the wines in several circles, around the napkins. Tie the ends of the vine into small knots, so that they can hold the napkin together. You can use a number of embellishments for decorations.  
Wire Napkin Rings
You can also make wire napkin rings at home. Take a colorful wire, coated with plastic and make elaborate shapes out of it. The shaped wire should fit around the napkins well. Take care that the wire colors suit the color of your napkins and other items on the dining table.

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