If you are due for a party any time soon, these table decorating ideas should pare down your stress and get you going.

Table Decorating Ideas

Does the thought of decking up your table turn you into a frozen turkey and makes you see red? Beat the scene-setting stress with something new and significant. Whether you are hosting a formal meal or a casual dinner for friends and folks, these elegant table setups are sure to impress your guests. If you are looking for a refined yet contemporary way to doll up your lounge for a sit-down session or dining room for a feast, then these stylish yet simple decorating ideas would make sure your evening not only stands out, but also remains a very unforgettable one. You can include some cheer to your decorations by adding vibrant bows and ribbons, colorful runners and beautiful blooms. Depending on whether you like to keep your décor minimal or really deluxe with vintage vases and linen, the following table decorating ideas should get the temper and tone of your decor soaring.

Ideas For Table Decoration 

Coffee Table Decorating Ideas
  • Whether you want a lively oriental or a classic English ambience; the most important thing to remember while decking up your coffee table is that ‘less is more’.
  • Place a runner on the coffee table. However, make sure that the runner complements the décor and theme of your setting. You can use a satin runner, antique lace or even summery linen to pep up the ambience.
  • Tog up the décor of your coffee table with an urn of seasonal blooms like magnolia or tulips. You can use a wicker breadbasket, a silver pitcher or even an earthenware crock to hold your colorful bulbs and blooms. For a little more dramatic feel, you can also place a three pillar candle stand as well.
  • Never place the coasters on the coffee table. In case you plan to place the coasters on the coffee table, make sure you put them in front of the flower arrangement.
  • You can always pep up your décor with a classy coffee-table book depicting art and photography, business, pop culture, sports, history, biographies and more. No matter which genre of coffee-table book you go for, make sure that it reflects your personality. 
Dining Room Table Decorating Ideas
  • Planning a cozy dinner for two or hosting a feast? If yes, it’s important to deck up your dining table to set the tone for the celebrations. You can off start with dainty table linen or a crochet runner for a dash of sophistication.
  • As for the centerpieces, you can place creative fruit baskets or put some candles and pebbles for a totally Zen effect. For a splash of color, you can use lightly hued glass vases with exotic blooms. However, make sure that the display pieces you choose are all below eye level.
  • Place the tablemats and arrange the silverware, flatware and stemware accordingly. No matter what cutlery you use, make sure it gels well with your table setting. Also, stay away from placing too many artifacts on your table as it might clutter up your space.
Candlelit Dinner Table Decorating Ideas
  • A candlelit dinner may set the tone for a romantic night ahead! So, it’s important that you get the mood and the decor right. You can start by choosing the finest tableware, right food, best champagne, exotic flowers and the right candles.
  • A simple candle stand or even flameless luminaries can add glow to your celebrations and look perfectly chic. Make sure that you do not go overboard with the number and size of your candles.
  • To plush up your celebrations further, doll up your table with elegant napkins and hot water towels. And yes, don’t forget to get some wine to pep up your celebrations.
Whether you love lavish décor or are more of the minimalistic kind, the above mentioned table decorating ideas should leave you with plenty of ideas on how to adorn up your table.

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