Tired of spending tons on your laundry bills? Learn how to wash cashmere at home and save yourself from going broke after your dry cleaner.

How To Wash Cashmere

As the temperature goes down and winter nip hits the air, nothing promises to keep you as toasty and warm as lush luxe cashmere sweaters. Woolens are an indispensable part of warm winter wardrobe and cashmere definitely tops the list when it comes to talking of opulence, finesse and sheer extravagance. This lush, soft yarn, yielded from the underbelly and throat of “Cashmere Goats”, is indeed luxury redefined. If you have spent a fortune, getting your hands on an impressive collection of this fine fiber, then its time you spend some time learning how to care for it as well. Cashmere, being the most delicate and finest of all other yarns, deserves respectful care. However, if you think that you are obliged to your dry cleaner for laundering your delicate and pricey fabrics, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Agreed, dry cleaning is the safest bet to keep your cashmere as good as new. However, dry cleaning chemicals tend to weaken the fabric overtime, posing a serious threat for your woolens. If you really wish to know how to keep your cashmere unsullied and new, then taking a quick run through this write-up should leave you with just enough info on how to go about the entire procedure. 

Tips On Washing Cashmere At Home

  • Are you in twin minds as to whether you should dunk that favorite piece of woolen in the washtub or send it away for dry cleaning? Well, for all those who think that their pricey piece of cashmere can’t do without an expert touch, know that you can launder your delicate cashmere right at home, given you know how. However, before you douse your cashmere for a hot rinse, take time to read the label for washing instructions. Cashmere, being one of the most delicate and expensive yarns, comes with special washing needs. Hence, make sure you follow the washing instructions.
  • Fill the sink with warm or cold water, depending on the need of the fabric, and add some good quality detergent to it to create soapy suds. Gently stir the water with your hands until the detergent blends well with water. Turn your cashmere garment inside out and gently souse it into the soapy solution. Work down the fabric with your hands until it is fully dowsed. Leave it undisturbed for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with water.
  • Drain out the soapy suds from the basin and wash the garment thoroughly under running tap water. Squeeze the garment gently to remove all traces of soap from the fabric.
  • Take out the fabric from the sink and gently press it with your hands to squeeze out the excess water. Do not wring it as doing so can damage the lush and shape of your garment.
  • Take a large, clean bath towel and spread it on a flat surface. Place your freshly washed garment on top of it, roll the towel along with the garment, and squeeze out the excess water. You might need 2-3 dry towels to wring out the excess liquid.
  • Take another fresh, clean, dry towel and place it on a drying rack. Place the washed cashmere on top of it. Never hang cashmere in the clothes line as doing so might stretch its shape and damage its snug fit. To dry your cashmere fast, swap the underlying towel with a dry one periodically. 
Your cashmere is your wardrobe’s pride. Learn how to take care of it and keep it as good as new, now and always. This write-up on how to wash cashmere should leave you with a complete know-how on how to tend to this fabric at home without blowing away big bucks on laundry bills.

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