Decorating your bathroom in a classy and artistic theme can give it an altogether different look and feel. Explore this write-up to discover various ideas for bathroom themes.

Bathroom Themes

Enter a bathroom and what do you notice instantly? The tiles, flooring, basin, bathtub, or the lighting! The fact is that it is not just one feature that attracts you, but the entire look of the room that impresses you, isn’t it? Bathrooms, by themselves, are not really interesting. But the moment you replace the plain mirrors, ordinary light fixtures, and mundane counters with fancy stuff, you would be able to connect with them instantly. As such, a slight change in the outlook of the bathroom can give you a beautiful and spacious yet comfortable bathroom. A great way to do this would be to redecorate the room with a different and unique theme that will survive for years to come. Check out the various examples of bathroom themes listed here and give your bathroom a good reason to be visited again and again.
Bathroom Decoration Theme Ideas
Beach Theme
The beach theme has been a popular choice amongst people of all genres. After all, you have so many options to choose from to decorate your bathroom. Pick up flip-flop, surfing, tropical landscape, or palm tree designed shower curtains. Complement this with matching curtains hooks. Similarly for the rugs, choose one that perfectly blends with the beach theme. Match the flooring, tiles, sink, cabinets, and mirrors with beach-related pictures and colors, such as blue, turquoise, yellow, sand, shells, etc.
Rubber Duck Theme
This theme has been, undoubtedly, one of the best and most nostalgic themes for decorating bathrooms, especially for toddlers and kids. Since floating icons have been symbols of childhood, you can use them to enhance the theme. Line them up on the shelves or along the sink. Hang pale yellow curtains and pin up orange towels for the perfect babyhood feel. Pick up other accessories that render the “duckie” qualities.
Princess Theme
Girls are always fascinated by dolls, ballerinas, and princesses. Then, why not exhibit this attachment in their bathroom as well? Considering the colors, pink and purple are the most attractive and up-to-the-mark. However, make sure that you do not go overboard with colors. Choose either pink or purple and mix it with white, but do not use both pink and purple. Use flowers, potpourri, lamps, etc. as accessories to complete the theme.
Underwater Theme
If you wish to create a relaxing and soothing bathroom environ, then an underwater theme is the right choice for you. Build a cheerful underwater theme by picking up blue and green translucent tiles. The colors of the waves as you hit the shower will create a spirit of whimsy. Embellish the mirror with sun-bleached driftwood completed with shells. Use your creativity to paint sea creatures on the walls or paste wallpapers in color prints of deep-sea creatures.
One Color Theme
For those of you who own a small bathroom, do not worry. Give it the appearance of a large and spacious one by painting it in a single shade of your favorite color. Show your love for the color by using it in the bathroom. Give the walls a soft shade of lavender. The trims can be covered in a darker purple shade, such as plum. Hang curtains in patterns of purple. Hang mulberry and burgundy curtains on the walls and throw a violet colored rug on the floor. Complete your bathroom with a glass vase decorated with indigo beads and an orchid.
All these bathroom design themes are budget-friendly and fun to include. Bring out your creativity to make the most of the available space revealing a luxurious and pleasurable bathroom.

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