Want to convert the underbelly space in your house into a warm and inviting place? Read on further to come across the suggested basement colours that can help you in your endeavour.

Basement Colours

Having a basement which has not been used since ages? Planning to renovate it and make it into a place to relax and hang around with friends? If you have nodded up and down, here’s how you can go about with it. Basements are dark underground spaces that lack vivid colours and hold a dull, gloomy atmosphere. However, did you know that just by changing the colour of your basement, you can make a lot of difference and turn the so-called gloomy space into a charming and inviting one? There are many colour schemes that you can choose from, for your basement. The colour you choose will vary upon the use of your basement. Therefore, depending on the use of the space, you will have to choose smartly from among the choice of colours, since colours radiate different moods and feelings. It is essential on your part to choose the right colour for your basement, which will bring in some light and help in giving a spacious and lively feeling to the dark underbelly basement area. Mentioned below are some of the basement colour ideas that may suit your renovating plans.
Basement Colour Ideas
  • Red is an exciting, bold and a dramatic colour which will provide a warm and romantic environment to your basement. Since there is no natural light in the basement, you can go for brighter shades of red.
  • White is another colour option that you can choose for your basement. White is a colour that will spread a sense of openness and light in your basement and will make even small basements appear large. Another benefit of having the basement painted white is that it gives you an opportunity to accessorize any colour in your basement.
  • Orange is yet another bold colour that creates a friendly and informal atmosphere. The colour will give you a feeling of excitement and will make the basement room appear cheerful and welcoming.
  • In order to give a room a cheerful and happy-go-lucky feeling, yellow is most often employed. You can use a lighter shade of yellow for your basement to make it appear inviting. You can also plan for a contrast of pale yellow walls, with shades of green, purple or white.
  • Your basement done in green will have a relaxing, calming and soothing feeling. A lighter shade of green will work well for the basement walls. You can even get a darker shade of green on the accent wall and use the lighter shade of the same colour on the other walls.
  • You can even choose from shades of blue to paint your basement walls. Blue will not only provide a cool and tranquil feeling, but would also make your basement lively. Stick to the lighter shades of blue for getting a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Light shades of purple are again a good choice to make, when it comes to painting your basement walls. This particular colour is calming and would uplift your soul from the dullness of a tiring day.
  • Black usually is a strict no-no when it comes to choosing a basement colour, as it makes the already dull atmosphere of the basement all the more dreary. But, if balanced with other colourful accents, black can create a very compact and dark impact in a room. While going for shades of black, use it with dark yellow or reddish flooring.
  • If you have planned to set up a pub in your finished basement, then go for colour schemes like hunter green, burgundy and deep browns. These would create the atmosphere of a pub. You can add in dark brown wood bar, wall hangings, cosy stools and padding in the same colour scheme.

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