Planning to set up a bar at your basement, but thinking from where to start? Scroll down to read through the basement bar ideas that will help you design a stylish and welcoming bar.

Basement Bar Ideas

One of the best ways in which you can use the dark, musty and gloomy basement space available in your house is by setting up a home bar. The deserted basement space, which is usually used as a store room, can be modified into a lavish den of entertainment activities by putting in little time and few innovative ideas. There are many bar designs, from the usual L-shaped to the bold monster bar, for you to choose from. Having a bar of your own will provide you the freedom to not only have drinks when you want to, but to enjoy with your friends in a way that you want to. You can throw parties every weekend, jam your own music, enjoy football matches with your friends and dance your heart out, without any raised eyebrow or time limit. A basement bar will give you both the luxury and the freedom to spend time with your friends. Go through the ideas for a basement bar and design one that not only serves all your needs but also provides a comfortable and stylish experience to your friends.
Ideas For Basement Bar Design
Theme & Styling
The most important aspect to decide on while planning a basement bar is the theme and the styling of the bar. For this, you need to pick ideas from all the possible sources. Go through the internet, browse through the lifestyle magazines, observe the settings in the bar which you often visit and so on. It is advisable to stick to simplicity and elegance principles, while designing a bar at your basement.
The Bar Top
After finalizing the theme, the next important thing is to decide the design of the bar top. You can either choose a wooden, metal or a stone bar top. A dark wooden top with perfect finishing will provide a classy look, while a stone top will give a solid look. A metal top, on the other hand, will give a contemporary look to your bar. The bar tops are generally L-shaped with all the possible arrangements as required.
Bar Seating Arrangements
Once you have decided on the theme and figured out the shape and material of the bar top, next in line is the seating arrangement. The round-seated bar stools come in various colour combinations. You can choose one which compliments your bar top. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is comfortable and cosy.
Cutlery, Storage & Refrigeration
Next thing to consider while designing a bar is to provide ample storage space around the bar. You can design cupboards with glass covers or simple racks. You will also have to make space for a small refrigerator and arrange for necessary electrical connections. Also, arrange for a music deck, since people coming to a bar will expect music to spin on. Make sure that you have proper glassware for every type of drink. You can get some paintings, hangouts and murals to decorate the back of your basement bar. 
Lighting & Entertainment Options
What is a bar without enigmatic lights, some peppy music and entertainment options? The market today is virtually flooded with various types and kinds of lighting fixtures. From bright lights to subtle ones, the list goes endless. While making a choice, make sure you select one that matches with the theme and styling of your bar. For entertainment, you can add in a pool table with a hanging light. You can even get a home theatre fixed on one of the walls or get a big television screen to sit with friends and drink over league matches. You might even get a surround sound system fixed to let the people groove, while enjoying their favourite drink.

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