Bathrooms that have been given an aquatic theme make bathing a fun filled and soothing experience. Here are some aquatic themes for the bathrooms.

Aquatic Themes For The Bathroom

The reason why children do not enjoy taking a bath is because bathrooms are just so boring! They have nothing to excite children into actually wanting to take a bath – no fun, no colour, nothing at all! What if the bathroom were to be decorated in typical Hawaiian style – complete with small surfboat figurines and seashells as accessories? Would it not be fun to take a bath in such a bathroom? Or what if one were to take a bath everyday in the presence of a storm-wrecked ship and other deep sea aquatic life? These are some of the various themes and colour schemes that come under the highly popular aquatic themes that can be used in the bathroom to make bath time more interesting, even fun. Here are some common ideas for an aquatic theme bathroom.
Decorating Bathroom In Aquatic Themes 
Here are some common themes for the bathroom that give an aquatic appeal to it:
Beach Is Where The Bath Is 
If it is the natural look, that you look forward to, then the best choices for you are the simple colors and aged elements characteristic of the beach side. This theme draws heavily on the earthy, neutral colors of the sand, sea, and sky for the colour scheme of the bathroom. One could also invest in ceramic tiles on the floor in sandy or earthy shades like beige, light gold, tan, or brown. For the water, the walls, towels, and accessories can be used to reflect the various blue and green hues of the sea and sky. Seashells, corals, and sponges are good choices for natural accents and can also act as an inspiration for wall colours. If you want some accessories to go with the whole theme, look out for faux corals and shells that look just like the real thing.
Dive In The Sea 
Most children and adults are interested in life under the sea, be it the various aquatic animals or wrecked ships and military submarines used in wars. Thus, to give a truly wet look to your bathroom, you could opt for an adventurous underwater theme. It would involve painting the walls in deep blue or green tones to replicate the jewel toned waters that oceans are known for. If you do not mind spending a little more, you could also line your walls or shower with tiny blue or green glass tiles in mosaic patterns to make it look like the shimmering waters of the deep blue ocean.  Colourful images of fish, corals, mermaids, starfish, and sea plants could also be added to the walls to complete the look, and this is an easy task, what with the various art prints, wallpaper murals, or hand painted designs, available to us. To insert a pirate theme, add a sunken ship to the wall art. Fun, colourful towels can be added in reds, yellows, and greens to round out the whole effect.
Surfer’s Delight 
To instill a Hawaiian or island vibe, you could opt for a theme filled with surfboards and palm trees. There are a number of wonderful wallpapers available on the market overflowing with hibiscus flowers, pineapples, and surfboard designs for instant island flair. You could also add some bamboo, coconut shell, or even the capiz shell decorations and accessories to give a firm shape to your design. Be sure to also include the tiki gods. Time tested and retro island images are also popular and usually consist of hula girl imagery and brightly fabrics with bright colors and floral prints. Images of the classic woody car with surfboards on the roof will make you smell sea salt in the air.

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