An outdoor fireplace can be an attractive addition to your garden or patio décor. Read below for outdoor fireplace ideas.

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

One of the most attractive joys of camping is to sit beside the campfire with friends and simply enjoy the warmth under the starry skies. Barbequing, toasting marshmallows or simply dancing around the campfire is something that no in-house fireplace can offer. However, an outdoor fireplace is an excellent way to create such an effect. The feel of the cool breeze becomes more exciting when there is the warmth of a fire around. Sitting or lying in lounges and carpets before a crackling fire with family and friends is an excellent way to spend time. What’s more, you can even rustle up a little snack in the fireplace itself. That is why outdoor fireplace has become such an attractive option. And it is also a very good way to enhance the general look of a garden, lawn or patio. A fireplace built of stone is especially attractive, as it can very well blend with the garden, making it look as a part of the décor and not an aberration. So, if you are ready to build an outdoor fireplace, then read below for a few ideas on how to go about it.

Ideas For Outdoor Fireplace

  • The most important task that you should consider for an outdoor fireplace is to select an appropriate location. The location should add to the overall design, while at the same time, it should be safe. After selecting the location, you should take the safety measures into consideration.
  • After deciding on the location, you should select the type of fireplace that you want. Unlike the indoor fireplace, the outdoor fireplace offers scope for varied designs. Also, it would be better if you decide the use of the fireplace, whether you want it for cooking or just to warm yourself.
  • You can use various types of materials to construct an outdoor fireplace, from stone to concrete to cast iron. Choose the materials depending upon your budget and design. The most popular materials are, of course, stones and bricks, as they lend a certain charm of the bygone era.
  • If the outdoor fireplace is made of metal, then you will have to take extra maintenance into consideration, as the material can get easily corroded by the natural elements and won’t last long. If you want a brick fireplace, then make sure that they are firebricks which can withstand very high temperature.
  • Now decide which model you want for an outdoor fireplace. There are basically two different models - the typical wood burning fireplace and the gas burning fireplace. Nowadays because of environmental concerns and tough regulations, the gas burning fireplace has become the most preferred.
  • In an outdoor fireplace the basic design consists of a fire pit, over-mantel, plinth base, leg, crown, filler panel and fireplace mantel. You should also decide on the type of fire pit that you want. You can go for either a portable or fixed fire pit. Make sure that you go for attractively designed fireplace mantel, as this gives the fireplace the best visual appeal other than the fire.
  • You should also fix an outdoor fireplace with a chimney at a length of about five feet. Make sure that the chimney blends with the overall design of the fireplace. You can also use the outdoor fireplace for barbequing by placing a standard iron grill over the fire pit.  
Outdoor fireplace can be a very special place to spend some quiet time with your family or bond with friends. The ideas for outdoor fireplace will help you with various ideas to build one.

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