Accentuate the beautiful furnishings and décor of your lovely home as you paint it with the trendy home colors mentioned in the following article. Explore home color trends for 2011.

2011 Home Colors

Your home is your bedrock, your comfort zone. It’s the place where you can feel free to do whatever your heart desires. To be immured in the confines of a sanctuary is one of the biggest triumphs one could ever possess. But what happens when this starts to wear you out? Every day, you walk in and out of it and now it’s slowly starting to look like a dungeon. You are surely familiar with the popular saying - “Change is Good”. Under these circumstances, you will certainly nod your head, if not modify the statement to the likes of “Change is Necessary!” For this, you don’t have to bring your house down and build a new one! However, repainting it is not a bad proposition at all! Ponder over all the available options and pick the one that you best relate to. Close your eyes and envision the walls of your sweet home in each of these hues and shades. Did your heart skip a beat when you envisioned navy blue? Or turquoise? Maybe you already know the right color for your home! Have a look at the best home color options for the year 2011, as you proceed to finishing this article.
Home Color Trends For 2011
  • If you are a fan of the dark-reddish pink tinge, it's time to splash some honeysuckle on your obliterating walls. It’s vibrant! It’s classy! It’s the popular lipstick shade that enhances the oh-so-elegant image portrayed by the ladies. This energetic hue will certainly add a lot of character to your home. If your house is a tiny little art gallery, a bold spirited honeysuckle background is ideal! Lo and behold as 2011 welcomes houses sporting the effervescent shade that is honeysuckle, a color for all seasons!
  • For a light-hearted spirited home, the most recommended option, without the shadow of a doubt, would be an airy shade of citrus yellow! It exudes so much of positive energy that it will cheer you up even in your grumpiest days. Convert your home into a 24/7 happy one as you resort to mellow and fun enhancing hues of citrus yellow! Spread some sunshine to all the dark crevices of your dwelling. Allow the color to envelop all the members of your household in a cove of eternal hope and optimism. After all, research has truthfully proven that the color yellow stimulates uplifting emotions, combats fatigue, limits anxiety, encourages positive moods and enhances relaxation. 
  • A rich combination of smoky violet walls to match the deep brown base can transform a prison cell into the magnificent interiors of a villa. You could even pair up rich orange and berry hues with spicy browns and bronze metallic. Give your home a fine vintage look, as the color blends well with the exotic wood finishes, leather couches and so on! This ranks high as the classy home color trends for the upcoming year!
  • Adopt an earthy team as you pick a random color that emanates straight from the farm. If you are seeking for an inspiration, take a walk around your local farmer’s market. You will come across mesmerizing shades of buttery yellows and milky whites. Or even cow prints! Reconcile with nature  as you take on the hues of a red tomatoes, the lush green shrubs of a farm or the enticing orange shade of a pumpkin! This would provide the much-needed contrast, as the outside world gets more and more commercialized. Get subtle furniture and eco-friendly electronics that conform to the farm theme of your brand new home color.
  • Juxtapose the standard reds, blues and greens with monochromatic variations of black, white and dark gray. Uplift your mood as you create fascinating geometric patterns on your walls by implementing any of these two contrasting colors.  
So, now you have so many home color trend options for 2011. Get to visualizing each of them and see which one best matches the structure, layout and furnishings of your lovely home.

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