Silk plants are the best option if you want to substitute the natural with the artificial. Read below to learn how to clean silk plants.

Cleaning Silk Plants

When it comes to artificial flowers those made from silk comes closest to the natural ones. The delicate fabric of silk provides the artificial replicas with a natural daintiness that the natural flowers are endowed with. Thus more and more people are substituting the real plants with silk plants. Live plants require lots of maintenance and care and for those pressed for time it becomes too much of a burden. So, decorating the interiors with silk plants proves to be very advantageous as you do not have to water them daily, provide nourishments and check for pests. And what’s more, the silk plants look every bit like their live counterparts. True, anything artificial won’t be able to take the place of the natural. But, if you think of the time and the labor saved, then silk plants can even hold their own ground. However, you have to clean the silk plants once in a while. Even when indoors, dust is bound to gather and if you don’t clean them then the beauty of the plants will be compromised. Cleaning silk plants is not at all time consuming. Just follow the tips on how to clean silk plants given below to quickly and easily get rid of dirt and dust from the flowers.

How To Clean Silk Plants
  • Use a feather duster to lightly dust the foliage and flowers of the silk plants. Then using a hair dryer blow the dust off. You can also use a handheld vacuum cleaner to clear the dust. When using a vacuum cleaner cover the hose with a stocking. After that wipe the plants with a moist cloth.
  • You can also clean the silk plants very quickly and effectively using specialized silk flower cleaning sprays. The sprays dissolve the dust particles making the plants look fresh and new. Use only high quality cleaning sprays as the lower quality ones will only seal the dust into the fabric. 
  • Check first if the silk plant assemblies and fabrics can withstand a little bit of moisture. First apply a small drop of water in an inconspicuous leaf and if the fabric absorbs the water without any damage then you can safely use moisture to remove the dust. In a spray bottle mix equal parts of water and white vinegar. You can also use equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol. Put some paper on the base of the plants to absorb the drips and spray the water-vinegar mixture to clean the silk plants.
  • Put one cup of table salt in a large paper bag and put the silk plant inside the bag. Seal the mouth of the bag and shake it a number of times. The salt acts like scrubbers removing the dust particles. While removing hold the stem of the plant and shake it a couple of times to remove the salt.
  • Fill a sink with cool water and add a teaspoon of a liquid dish washing detergent. Take one stem of the plant at a time and swish it in the water. If there is heavy dirt then gently wipe under water. After cleaning the stems and leaves keep them in paper towels and blot dry.
  • You can also use aerosol hair sprays to clean the silk plants. Simply spray the hair sprays on the plants and your plants will be thoroughly cleaned.
  • If you have decorated your house with silk plants then you must know how to clean them to preserve their former glory. Go through the tips on cleaning silk plants to know how you can do it.

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