What is it about a rose that makes you stop midway and take notice of it? Read on and find a few interesting facts about roses that will change the way you think of it – just a beautiful flower.

Rose Flower Facts

What’s common between your birthday, confessing your love to someone, your wedding and your wedding anniversary? A rose! From your birth to every other joyous occasion henceforth, a rose is probably the one thing that has been common (apart from, well, you.) and always will be. There’s just something about rose that makes you stop midway in your urgent errand and take notice of that beautiful thing peeping out at you with a heavenly glance. Mentioned time and again, and eternalized by writers, poets, and lyricists from around the globe, this flower from the family of Rosaceae, in many countries and cultures is believed to be grown by Gods themselves. Treasured for their ornamental beauty, gracefulness, and a scent overflowing with exuberance, roses are also treasured for their medicinal value in curing fevers, diarrhea, cough and cold and clearing away toxins. There’s something about roses that makes the eyes light up and the senses soothe up and bring them to a state of serenity. Continue reading to know interesting facts about roses.
Facts About Roses
  • With more than 15000 different types of rose species and cultivated varieties around the world, and colors ranging from red, white, yellow, pink, mauve, lilac, bright yellow, bright pink, to striped, rose is, by far, the most cultivated flower in the world.
  • It was made the official national flower of the United States, after a signed legislation by President Ronald Reagan in 1986.
  • George Washington used to breed roses at his home.
  • A 35 million year old fossilized rose was found in Colorado.
  • A rose hip contains more percentage of Vitamin C as compared to any other fruit or vegetable.
  • Roses were mentioned over fifty times by Shakespeare in his writings.
  • It is said that Roman Emperor, Nero liked to shower his guests with rose petals.
  • The oldest rose in the world is believed to be over 1000 year old and grows on the walls of Cathedral of Hildesheim in Germany.
  • Happy Rose - a breed of multicolored roses is said to be the most expensive rose in the world. A single rose costs £24.49.
  • Flower buyers from USA purchased over 1,200,000,000 roses in the year 1994.
  • Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas are the three highest rose selling holidays in that sequence.
  • “Overnight Scentsation” was the first rose to leave the earth that was cultivated by Dr. Braja Mukherjee, an IFF researcher, for experiments in space.
  • A relation was seen by the early Christians between the five rose petals of Sancta Rosa and the five wounds of Christ.
  • It was a tradition to add rose petals and rose oil in the bath, for the rich and famous of the middle ages.
  • Nikita K. Rulhoksoffski from California bred the largest rose ever measuring close to 33 inches.
  • Red roses account for the highest number of sales as compared to any other color among the roses.
Next time you see a rose looking at you, bow in respect and wish it well, for you now know some interesting facts about roses, more than it being just a beautiful flower!

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