Add a luxurious and finished look to your bedroom décor by making a bed skirt for your bed. This article illustrates how to make a bedskirt.

How To Make A Bedskirt

A small change can do wonders on the entire décor of a room. Though a room is complete with the right furniture, accessories, and decorations, even a slight difference in the appearance of a particular piece of furniture can enhance the look of the room. Likewise, your bed is perfect and complete with the right kind of bed sheets, pillows, and sheets. But, if you bend down slightly and peep under the bed, you’ll realize that it is a huge store hiding a bunch of socks, stacks of magazines, board games, and anything and everything that you didn’t find a place to store anywhere else in the house. This unpleasant sight reduces the beauty and elegance of your bedroom. But if you add a new bedskirt around your bed, you can easily conceal all these otherwise-useless items. Bed skirts can be expensive when purchased from the market or you may not get your desired colors and patterns. Then, why not pick the right fabric and designs and make a pretty bed skirt at home? If you wish to, scroll through the lines below and learn how to make a creative bedskirt.
Tips On Making A Bed Skirt
Materials Required 
  • Fabric (for ruffles)
  • Fabric (to tuck under mattress)
  • Scissor
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Measuring Tape
  • Marker 
  • To make a bedskirt of the perfect size, it is important to take the correct measurements. To do so, measure the box spring along the length and breadth using a measuring tape.
  • Add an extra 1” to the measurements you’ve taken. For example, if your bed measures 70”x50”, consider it as 71”x51”.
  • Cut out the fabric to be tucked under the mattress of this measurement.
  • Now, multiply the length and breadth of the box spring by 2. For instance, if your bed measures 70”x50”, multiply 70x2 and 50x2. This comes out to 140” and 100”. Sum up these two and add an extra 4”, that is, 244” (140+100+4). You will require 244” of fabric to make the bedskirt.
  • Measure the top of the box spring to the floor to get the length of the bedskirt fall. Add another 3” to this measurement. For example, if your box spring measures 15”, add 3” to make 18”. Your fabric should measure 18” in width.
  • Buy the fabric and cut into the desired measurements. You should have four strips in hand, two for the length of the bed and two for the width of the bed. If you wish, you can miss out the bedskirt at the head of the bed since it rests along the wall. This way, you’ll have two length long strips and one width long strip.
  • Sew the strips giving 1” hem lengthwise on one side and ½” hem widthwise on both sides.
  • At the side where you did not sew the strip, sew it, leaving ¼” from the edge, with the longest stitch length set in the machine. Repeat on the other two strips in the similar pattern.
  • Take one fabric piece and, holding the two threads between your fingers and thumb, pull one thread gently. This will give you the ruffles of the bedskirt. Thereafter, adjust the ruffles to even out throughout the fabric piece.
  • Measure the length of the fabric so gathered together. It should measure 1” more than the length of the box spring. Similarly, the width fabric should be 1” inch more than the width of the box spring.
  • Sew on the gathers so that the ruffles stay intact.
  • Sew the gathered fabric with the cut fabric to be tucked under the mattress.
  • Voila! Your bed skirt is ready to use and flaunt those beautiful ruffles created. 
Now that you have learnt how to make a bedskirt, add height to your bed and jazz up your room by working with different colors and patterns.

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