Finding ways for cleaning the ugly green-colored mold that’s conveniently residing on the tiles and walls of your bathroom? Scroll through this write-up for effective bathroom mold removal tips.

Cleaning Bathroom Mold

Do you find that horrible and hideous mold prevailing in your bathroom every now and then? Why do you find it reappearing despite cleaning it on a regular basis? A common problem in most houses and apartments, this greenish or blackish mold can be harmful for your health if not treated upon at the earliest. It is the damp, humid air in bathrooms, combined with lack of ventilation that gives the mold a perfect destination to breed. Though cleaning the mold is not a difficult task, most people find it uncomfortable to remove since the whole procedure demands a lot of patience and persistence. The most commonly affected areas include the corners of the shower fixtures, shower floor, and bathtub. With a few simple steps, you can remove bathroom mold and get rid of the problem. Read on to know them.
Bathroom Mold Removal Tips
Water & Vinegar
Chemical cleaners have a tendency to emit harsh fumes that can be harmful for us at times. Opt the natural way to get rid of bathroom mold by using water and vinegar. Mix two parts of warm water with one part vinegar in a bucket or spray bottle. Soak a clean sponge in the water-vinegar solution and start scrubbing the unpleasant mold in your bathroom. After you are done, open the windows to let the fresh air enter the bathroom. The moisture trapped in the bathroom will escape and slow down the growth of any mold.
Water & Baking Soda
Pour some water in a bucket or cup. Add enough baking soda to make a smooth paste. Dip a scrub brush or clean towel in the paste and brush away the mold. After the bathroom mold has been cleaned, wipe off the areas with warm water. This method is best for removing bathroom mold prevailing on caulk or in between tiles.
Time Cleaner
If you are impatient and cannot tolerate working on the mold in order to remove it, then installing a time cleaner in your shower is the best solution to this problem. A time cleaner is a chemical cleaner that washes off bathroom mold everyday at regular time intervals. All you need to do is set the cleaner in the shower to a particular time interval, such as every 5, 10, or 30 minutes. Time cleaners are, indeed, a great way to keep off mold from your bathroom without you having to even lift your finger.
Daily Spray Cleaners
Chemical cleaners are another way to fight bathroom mold and kill it regularly. Simply spray the cleaner in the shower and sink after every use. Molds are best likely to breed in hot, steamy and wet places in the bathroom. Thus, spraying the cleaner everyday in the areas after you use them is the best way to keep mold from forming.
Chemical Cleaner
If all of the above methods fail to remove the bathroom mold, it’s time to resort to the old-fashioned method of using a chemical cleaner. Sprinkle some powdered chemical cleaner on the mold. Wet a clean towel or sponge and start scrubbing away the mold. Once the bathroom mold has disappeared, wash the area with clean water and wipe dry, follow up with a daily spray cleaner to keep the bathroom clean.
Hope these tips will prevent your bathroom from turning into a disgusting mess. Take precautionary methods to keep your bathroom clean and say goodbye to bathroom mold.

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