Removing candle wax can be an easy affair, only if you know the right technique for the same. With this article, check out how to remove candle wax from your belongings. Lighten up and light up!

How To Remove Candle Wax

Candles! Ah Candles! You burn yourself up to not only light up our surroundings, but also our hearts. That soothing aroma, from your scented ones which also soothes up our senses and sends us into a state of euphoria. But what’s this? Candles! Oh Candles! What have you done? You left your wax on our furniture, carpets, walls, and you didn’t even spare our clothes. You burn yourself and bear the pain to ease our pain, yet when you leave, you leave with a mark as a reminder that we burnt you up! Okay, no need for you to enact that overly sensitive play every time those candles leave you with a pound of wax to be cleaned up. There’s an easy way around it. And while you still continue to use candles, whether as a stress relief, to lighten up the atmosphere, or just to light up the room when there’s a power cut, read about ways to remove candle wax that has clogged up your ability to think straight, leading you to enact such medieval sounding plays. Here you go. Take a pick
Tips On Removing Candle Wax
Hair Dryer Technique
You got yourself an elegant looking coffee table. You brewed for yourself an aromatic cup of coffee, but just when you sat to immerse yourself in it, the lights went out. You got hold of a candle but ended up ruining that elegance out of the table because it now has wax. No need for you to go paranoid and please don’t start scraping it off with a sharp object, lest the polish goes off along with the wax. Grab hold of a hairdryer and blow dry the waxed area until the wax melts away. Now wipe it off with a clean cloth while the wax is still in liquid form. Repeat this process over again if it does not come out easily. Blow drying is the easiest way to get that wax off from all your wooden furniture, glass, and oil painted walls. In case of oil painted walls, use nail polish remover or vinegar to wipe off the stain.
Hot Iron Technique
While the hairdryer technique works for wooden furniture, the hot iron technique is for you to take that wax off your carpets. If there’s some old wax that has been sitting there on your carpet while you thought of ways to get rid of it without ruining it or giving it to the drycleaners, you’ve come to the right place. What you need to do is scrape off that extra mountain of wax with a ruler scale or a blunt knife. Spread a damp cloth over the wax-stained area and hot iron against it. The hot iron against the wet cloth will produce a steam that will suck that remaining wax stain right out of your carpet. Set your iron temperature according to the cloth used for making the carpet. Take a deep breath, your carpet is now wax-free and stain-free. If there’s fresh wax that has just fallen on your carpet, use an ice cube and rub it against the wax to harden it. After it is rock solid, go as per the procedure above. Don’t iron against the wax that is still fresh, as it’ll ruin your carpet and make it look all the more worse. A word of caution - some carpets are made of polymer clothing that might get damaged against an extra hot iron. Adjust accordingly!
Paper Bag Technique
If wax has fallen onto your clothes while you were moving the candle from one place to the other or fiddling with it, just take a paper bag, open it and hold it right against your mouth and take deep breaths. What did you say? The wax is still there? We know that. This was to calm your senses, lest you had a nervous breakdown at the sight of ruined clothes. Here’s what you need to do – take a butter knife and scrape off that wax from the cloth. Don’t use a sharp knife or it may cut right through your cloth and then make you stab yourself in disgust. After that, put the paper bag on top of the stain and iron the area from inside the bag. That will make the remaining wax stick to the paper and your clothes will be as good as new, unless they are old. Take that paper bag and bring back something new for yourself, you did a good job with the wax today.
Freezer Technique
Don’t lock yourself in to cool down. Read first! If you got candle wax stuck inside of the candle holder or anything made from ceramic, freeze it for a few hours. Then pluck out the frozen wax with your finger or a toothpick. Don’t use a sharp object or it may leave scratch marks on your candle holder.
Follow these ways to remove candle wax and stay wax and stain free. Enjoy the warmth of the candle without worrying much about the wax!

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