Candles are beautiful, relaxing and instantly boost up the mood for romance. But, they can be very messy when it comes to removing the wax drippings. Find some candle wax removal tips in this article.

Candle Wax Removal

Who doesn’t love the ambience, warmth and romance that are added to a room filled with aromatic and scented designer candles! Whether placed on the table as a centerpiece, used as decoration pieces for homes, or employed for kindling romance between a couple during dinner, candles are an integral part of every occasion. Also, they form a significant element in festivities on occasions like Christmas, Easter, Diwali and other festivals. Nonetheless, the beauty, great aroma and attractive looks of candles bring along with them those unsighted candle drippings which stain carpets, furniture, tabletops, tablecloths, fabrics and floors. If the wax stains are taking a better part of your designer table mat or furniture piece leaving you wonder how to get rid of these unsightly marks, then here’s a clue. Wax stains can be easily removed at home without much worrying. Continue glancing through the following lines to find tips for removing candle wax from a variety of surfaces.  
Removing Candle Wax
Wooden Furniture
Brightly colored candles when placed on furniture can cause wax drippings to form unsightly marks, especially on the wooden buffets, bookcases, and tables. The wax drippings can be removed by applying an ice cube or ice pack onto the wax, thereby allowing it to harden. Thereafter, scrape the hardened wax gently using a plastic card or any other nonabrasive item, like thin, dull butter knife or a plastic ruler. In case you still find some wax residue on the wood, apply some furniture cream to the area using a soft, clean cloth. Rub the area gently to remove the remaining wax drippings.
If you have been kind enough to drop candle wax onto your priced tablecloth, cloth napkin, or placemats, and are now wondering what is to be done, follow the requisite steps properly and completely. First, apply an ice cube or ice pack onto the wax to make the wax brittle. Then, scrape the wax using a credit card or thin butter knife. Avoid using a regular dull knife which can damage the cloth. After you are done with removing as much wax as possible, get hold of an iron and a few clean paper bags.
Place the cloth between two paper bags and heat the iron on medium to medium high heat. Iron the cloth gently at the backside until the wax transfers onto the paper bags. Discard the paper bags and repeat the process until all the wax has been removed. In case the cloth has been stained with colored wax, treat the stain as stated above and launder the cloth immediately following the instructions mentioned for the tablecloth, napkin and placemats.
Carpets and Upholstery
Candle wax easily finds its way through carpets, area rugs and upholstery while we move the candles across them. For removing wax from such objects, freeze it using an ice cube or ice pack and scrape it thereafter. You can also buy a commercial product designed especially for freezing wax on carpeting or upholstery. Once the wax has completely frozen; clean the carpet using a blunt object to get rid of the wax. Follow with vacuuming the wax pieces from the affected area.
The best you can do to clean wax from glass is to prevent the wax from building up as it becomes very difficult to remove wax from glass holders. In order to prevent such wax drippings, place a drop of water in the holder and then place the candle. This will keep the dipping wax from sticking onto the candle holder. However, if you have wax stuck onto the glass holder, place the holder into the freezer until the wax hardens and freezes. Thereafter, take a butter knife and scuff the wax gently until your glass holder is completely free from wax stains. 

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