Are you wondering what you can do with a piece of old linen? Recycling is the answer. Here are tips on how to recycle old linen to add charm to your home décor.

Recycling Old Linen

A romantic young girl’s work that was used for generations by wealthy Europeans as a sheet to sleep on, linen, today, has lost all its charm and glory. All that the lovely, old embroidered linen experience today is being tossed into a bag destined to the town’s rubbish dump. Linen has now become antique and collectable relic of our historic past. The art of stiff-starching, hand-weaving which gave shape to beautiful fabric has long been forgotten. With new fabrics coming into the market and increased options available, least do we think before dumping an old fabric into the bin! This article provides you with tips on how to recycle old linen, with a hope that the beauty of the antique art will be understood and respected again by the people. This will not only help preserve the old heritage of the fabric, but will also favor the eco system to a great extent.
How To Recycle Old Linen
Reusable Linen Dinner Napkins
Old linen towels or sheets can also be used to add class to a formal dinner setting, or the everyday home setting. You can use the old linen cloth as dinner table napkins to replace the disposable paper napkins. Choosing for linen towels as napkins will not only add decoration to your dinner setting, but will also save the environment to a great extent.
Sew Up Tote Bags
Another way of saving the environment and giving a new shape to your old linen is to make carryalls out of them. Carryalls are very useful when you are traveling or when you want to store certain stuff. They can be used to store crocheting yarn, carrying spare clothes, sunscreen and drinks when you are planning to relax on a beach. Tote bags can also be used to carry fresh vegetables from your garden back home, holding the necessities for your baby when you are traveling and for many other uses. Tote bags are getting popular with time, replacing the plastic or the paper bags.
Framed Wall Hangings
You can even give desired shape to your old linen and then frame it beautifully to convert it into an eye-catching wall hanging. The designs on your linen will make your wall look attractive and will add on to your home décor.
Table Covers
Old linen, which you were planning to dispose off, can also come handy in covering and decorating a small table in your house. You can even cut the edges of the old linen and give some design to it, for it to look appealing when placed on the side table in your room. You can even give the shape of the kitchen curtains and table cloths to your old linen. You might need several pieces of old linen towels or sheets to stitch them together into a beautiful curtain or a table cloth for your kitchen.
Dish Towels
It is always better to use your old or a worn out linen towel as an eco-friendly dish towels. Remove the towel and string and pop them in your washing machine and dryer to get your dish towel.
Throw Pillows
You can even recycle your old linen into a throw pillow. You can sew the old linen in the shape of the throw towel and fill it in with cotton batting or Styrofoam packing worms to make you a throw pillow. It is better to have one made than to spend money on buying one, which will not give you the comfort and the satisfaction that a recycled throw pillow will.

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