You don’t need to slog your day out to make your house clean and organized. Just a few tips and hints in your kitty can help you achieve your goal. Read on to get household tricks and ideas.

Household Hints And Tips

Who among us would not want a clean, good looking, orderly and well-planned household? Agreed, home is not the place where we spend the maximum part of our time throughout the day, but home is definitely the place where we return to for rest and peace. Everything seems incomplete if the surroundings are unkempt and dirty, therefore the solution to an organized household would be the cleaning and planning process that proceeds. We also agree that all of you have been trying hard to make your home look neat and tidy but without much result, because there is hardly any time left after work to take care of the betterment of your home! So, even after a day of slogging it out, your house does not look as spic and span as you wished it too. Don’t get disheartened for there are several tricks and hints that would help save the day as well as make your home look neat and tidy. Follow our hints and tips for the dream household.
Household Tricks & Ideas
To get rid of bad odor from the household surroundings, you can use a room freshener. The trick is to spray a little on the surface of a light bulb. Whenever you switch on the light, smell the fragrance will emanate due to heating in the bulb. Remember to spray only when the bulb is cool.
Odor Of Refrigerator
Refrigerators often start smelling bad due to the storage of a variety of food. The trick is to use sodium bicarbonate to clean the interior of the refrigerator. Rub baking soda with a sponge on the shelves and the sides, you can also place a small dish of baking soda inside the refrigerator at all times to absorb all pungent smell further. 
Keeping Flowers Fresh
You love decorating your home with fresh flowers. As such, you get home a bouquet or two every weekend but forget to dump the same when the flowers wither away. Also, rotten flowers emanate a bad smell that transfuses into the surrounding making the whole place smell bad. To save yourself from this, throw away the flowers as soon as they wither away. To extend the life of the flowers, you can add a few drops of bleach and 1 teaspoon of sugar in a vase of water.
Cleaning Artificial Flowers
Artificial flowers can be cleaned by placing them inside a bag filled half with salt. Shake well so that the salt rubs against the flowers. Remove fresh and new looking artificial flowers from the bag!
Fruit Flies
Flies often surround fruits that are kept in open. To get rid of these flies, you can fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spray them on the flies. The flies would fall to the ground. Note that rubbing alcohol is not poisonous and as such is not harmful if you consume little amounts of the same that may have fallen on the fruits while spraying.
Carpet Stains
You can get rid of carpet stains by pouring over them a dishwashing liquid combined with peroxide. However, remember that peroxide has a bleaching effect, so do not try the method for very dark colored carpets. This method removes stains from all types of cloth.
Soft Toy Cleaning
To clean the stuffed toys of your child, rub them with corn flour. Wait for 10 minutes before brushing off the corn flour. The result would be a clean fur of your baby’s favorite teddy.
Bathroom Smells
All you need to get rid of the smells in the bathroom is a matchbox. You can try striking a match and keep it burning for a while. Though the method sounds odd, it works wonders to drive the smell away.
Pet Smells
For those of you have pet dogs at home, you are bound to have a typical smell all over your house. If you want to get rid of the smell of your pet, bathe it in tomato puree. You can also rub raw tomatoes on its skin. Don’t get frightened for your dog would not smell of tomatoes, rather it would smell of nothing. The effect of tomato lasts for at least 6 months.
Damp Cupboards
A damp cupboard may ruin your clothes and give rise to pests. To avoid this, keep a bundle of chalks inside your cupboard. Chalks would soak all the moisture inside the cupboard, making the cupboard damp-free. Note that you would have to change the bundle every couple of months to keep your clothes fresh and pest free.
Try these ideas for a better household today.

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