Proper hallway lighting is what you need for a brilliant hallway. Explore this article to fish out by yourself unique and conventional ideas on hallway lighting.

Hallway Lighting

Every morning the rays of the sun kiss myriads of beaches across the world, but every evening, do the rays of artificial luminance kiss the walls that exist in your hallway? Well, if you are a fan of hallway lighting and have got the same installed in your hallway, the rays of ‘artificial luminance’   are guaranteed to bathe the spaces of your hallway. If you just don’t happen to have lights in your hallway and are not held back by budgetary restraints, it’s about time you consider getting your hallway lit. Hallways, in any case, are meant to be lit and shouldn’t really be left alone without any lights. Make a move and read on for unrestricted entry to unique and conventional ideas on hallway lighting. Remember, if you are looking to be the proud ‘owner’ of a brilliant hallway, then all you really need is great hallway lighting.
Hallway Lighting Ideas
  • If you are blessed with a long hallway within the confines of your home, what you really need to make it look that much more attractive are track lights. Track lights, not only look extremely attractive, but they also come with the added advantage of providing a long hallway with adequate light. The best part about track lights are that their brightness can be increased or decreased. You can also direct the direction of the lights. You can have them facing the door, a dark patch in the hallway or just about anywhere you desire.
  • To reduce on expenditure, one of the greatest things you can do is just install a small section of track lighting, instead of lighting up the whole hallway. This is something you can do because of the advantage of being able to direct light in different directions.
  • With your hallway, if you are looking to go a little over-the-top, all you need to do is zero in on some great looking ceiling fixtures. In the market, you have at your disposal tons of options. Make it a point to choose the ceiling fixtures that go best with the décor of your home and the décor of the hallway. You can also consider wall sconces that go exceptionally well with ceiling fixtures.
  • Sometimes, ideas on hallway lighting do not necessarily need to revolve around the lighting itself. For example, to get the best out of the lighting in your hallway, you can hang a fairly large mirror in your hallway. Hanging a mirror in your hallway will address two objectives. The mirror will make a narrow hallway look larger and will also help reflect the light that your lighting fixtures emit. It is no wonder why most hallways have mirrors hanging in them.
  • For that unique look and feel to your hallway, feel free to employ an innovative combination of down lights and up lights. This can not only look much better than other lighting ideas, but it can also make your hallway look that much more spacious.
  • Recessed lighting is something that you probably have already heard of, but never really considered. Recessed lighting is used extensively for commercial hallway lighting, but now, this mode of lighting up a hallway has also transcended to being employed for domestic or household purposes. Here’s an added incentive to get recessed lighting installed in your hallway. Recessed lighting can make your hallway look larger than it actually is.
  • For special occasions or days, to deck up your hallway, hang a few candelabras on the hallway ceiling. You can also place the candelabras on a table. A few minutes before the celebrations begin; you can add candles to the candelabras and light the same.  
Mentioned above are some great ideas on hallway lighting.  Go all out to select the idea which you think has in it to appease your senses.

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