Lights shouldn’t be limited only to living spaces, outdoor staircases too are worthy of lights. Explore this piece for ideas on outdoor stair lighting.

Outdoor Stair Lighting

Picture this - The sun has fallen behind; it’s cold and dark outside. All of a sudden you hear a loud noise outside, after a few seconds of deliberation, you realize that the noise was heard from your terrace. Mustering up enough courage, you head out to the stairs that lead to the terrace only to trip on the stairs and fall on your head. You are hurt now and you couldn’t even investigate the source of the noise. Why did this happen? Well, it mostly did because there weren’t any outdoor stair lights. This only helps illustrate the need for outdoor stair lights. Go ahead and read on to gain access to two of the most popular options that are at your disposal when it comes to outdoor stair lighting. Remember, lights are not just meant to achieve indoor objectives. At times, it can also be absolutely necessary to have lights installed in areas that cannot really be considered indoor areas.

Ideas On Outdoor Stair Lighting 

Solar Step Lights
The best part about solar step lights is that they come without the burden of having to be wired. This is what makes them so easy to install. What is more, solar step lights are not too common. So, if you decide to bless your outdoor staircase with solar lights, apart from navigating easily in the dark on your outdoor flight of stairs, you can be rest assured they will stand out in your neighborhood. However, solar step lights have one shortcoming, they need energy from the sun to actually emit light. This shortcoming, can be overcome by strategically installing the lights to ensure they get enough sunlight. The energy that is sourced from the light charges up the batteries of these lights and the lights in turn can be put to good use when the sun sets. Solar step lights are easy to maintain and are almost guaranteed to last for longer than most other bulbs. They, however, do not come in too many colors, white being the most common and popular one. In reality, however, does the color of a bulb really matter? As long as it emits light enough to illuminate an otherwise dark path, you really should use solar step lights.

LED Step Lights
LED lights may not be as advantageous as solar lights, but as outdoor stair lights, they really are at the peaks of popularity. This really is no wonder, because LED lights are easy to maintain, emit bright light, are inexpensive and easily available too. You may not have to look far and wide to find yourself LED lights that are efficient and low on maintenance. The best part about LED step lights, maybe even where they score over solar step lights, is that they come in various colors. Although the color of the light doesn’t really matter much, a little variety never really hurt anyone. LED step lights come in a number of kits that offer much needed variety in terms of the color of the light. The color of these lights can be changed with the assistance of a controller and will probably last longer than you expect them to last. Think about it, with LED step lights, your outdoor staircase may come dangerously close to resembling a nightclub and may even be the talk and envy of the neighborhood you live and love living in.

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