Want to keep your outdoor furniture looking new always? If yes, explore this piece to get to know a few tips on how to clean outdoor furniture.

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

An outdoor space like a lawn, garden or a backyard can be quite effectively used as a sitting area by placing some outdoor furniture in it. Outdoor furniture makes a lawn or garden look welcoming and relaxing. However, having outdoor furniture also means that you will have to clean it properly and regularly in order to keep it clean and long lasting. The cleaning procedure and the time it takes to clean it largely depends on the type of furniture adorning the lawn or garden. Along with cleaning and proper care, maintenance is also important to prevent any damage to the furniture and to prolong its lifespan and good looks. It might sound like an expensive proposition to invest in outdoor furniture, but you now have a lot of inexpensive outdoor furniture to choose from as well. The following tips on how to clean outdoor furniture will help you keep your outside gear clean and looking new always. Read on to learn more.

How To Clean Outdoor Furniture

Plastic Outdoor Furniture
It is quite simple to clean plastic outdoor furniture especially if it is plastic patio furniture. Make a mild detergent solution to clean stains off the plastic furniture. Apply the solution with the help of a sponge and then wipe it and clean it with clean water.

Aluminium Outdoor Furniture
The cleaning technique for aluminium furniture depends on whether it is painted or not. Non-painted aluminium furniture might lose its lustre over a period of time due to oxidation, but they are rust resistant. Nonetheless, a metal polish can be used to restore the lost shine. The abrasive materials in the polish will help remove the rust that forms due to oxidation. However, avoid using alkaline cleaners since it can harm aluminium furniture. On the other hand, painted aluminium furniture can be cleaned easily with mild soap or any detergent mixed with water. 

Iron Outdoor Furniture
The problem with iron outdoor furniture is that they tend to rust pretty fast. If your iron furniture is not rust resistant, then you need to keep a check on them and sand them at the first sight of rust, and then tint them with rust resistant paint. You can make use of a mild detergent to gently rub and clean the iron furniture. Once done, don’t forget to apply an automotive paste wax to provide the furniture with a protective covering against moisture.

Wooden Outdoor Furniture
Wooden outdoor furniture is better looking than furniture made of metal or plastic, but they call for additional care and attention. It is better to keep them inside during winter unless they are made out of teak or cedar wood. Teak wood though expensive can withstand damp and harsh conditions and can be cleaned using a mild detergent. Make sure that the wood cleaner you are about to use is suitable for the type of wood your furniture is made out of. It is advisable to test the cleaner over a small patch first before using it all over the furniture.

Wicker Outdoor Furniture
Furniture made out of wicker requires more care since mildew can grow within the weaves of the furniture. You will have to use a hose or pressure washer in order to clean the mildew from the wicker furniture. Make sure to wipe the furniture with a sponge soaked in a solution of mild soap and cold water before using the hose. 

Cleaning and maintaining outdoor furniture depends greatly on the material it is made out of. The abovementioned tips will help you keep on how to clean outdoor furniture will help you keep your outdoor furniture in good condition for a long time.

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