You love your car & so do you love your car stereo. But lately, your car stereo is giving a lot of problem & needs to be replaced. Instead of hiring a pro, learn how to install car stereo on your own.

Car Stereo Installation

Have you recently purchased a new car? Do you want to install a car stereo in it? Or are you looking forward to replacing your old car stereo system with an improvised one? Car is the most desirable gift of technology. The high of driving a car and swiftly taking it through the lanes, roads and highways with music playing at the backdrop is a feeling that none can match. But what if the car stereo goes for a toss and you are left with driving the vehicle without music? Inconceivable isn’t it? More so, when you don’t have company or at a place where there is unfathomable traffic. In situations like these, the honks, beeps, toots and tootles are the only music that your ears have to bear with. Are you missing your car stereo? But, of course yes! But what is it that is stopping you from getting your hands on one. Oh, are you thinking about the installation part? Well, don’t wait for a weekend to hire a professional for the work. A little knowledge about wiring and some minutes to spare is the only thing that you’ll need for installing a car stereo. The basic formula to fix it efficiently is to know the basics about car, car stereo installment parts and some guidance. However, before hit the market to buy the new car installation kit and stereo, make sure that the one you buy fits appropriately into the slot given in your car. There are a variety of car stereos available, according to the size of the slot and model of the car. Once you have the car stereo, follow the installation steps given below.
How To Install A Car Stereo
Things Required
  • Wire Cutters
  • Screwdrivers Set
  • Electrical Tape
  • Wire Strippers
  • New Car Stereo (head unit)
  • Buy a correct and new stereo for your car. Also, ensure that you buy the wiring harness that is specially made for your new stereo and car model.
  • Gather all the materials required for installation at one place, such as screwdrivers, wire strippers, cutters and electrical tape.    
  • Also buy or look at the internet for a guide on removing the dash panel of the car and also for removing the old one efficiently.
  • To remove the old stereo, disconnect the ground or negative cable from the battery. Never work without disconnecting this wire.
  • Now take out the dash panel which covers the car stereo. With the help of a screwdriver, unscrew the old stereo. After removing the old head unit, you will either see one plug with a number of wires connecting to the back side of the plug or a bundle of individual wires.
  • In case there is a bunch of wires then do not detach them together at one go, rather take out them individually to avoid confusion. In case of harness, strip half inch of the wire and start twisting all the wires together. To join all the wires together, use crimp cap.
  • After removing all the wires, plug in the connectors into the new wiring harness. This wiring harness will then attach directly to the new stereo. 
  • If you are unable to get the wiring harness, then connect the wire manually. The very first step is to start connecting positive wire of each speaker to the positive connector present at the back of the stereo. Perform the same step with the negative wires too. In some cases there is only one wire coming out of the speaker. In such a situation, you would have to install new wiring for the speakers too.
  • Now take the ground wire of the stereo and connect to the screw present near the radio mounted in the dash panel. Ensure that the wire connects to the metal and not plastic or fiberglass.
  • Then connect all the constant and ignition power wires to the new stereo. To connect them at the right place, consult the guide.
  • When the all the wires are connected, it is the time to put the stereo in its place. You should have a single connector that helps in gathering all the wires.
  • Slide in the new stereo into the mounting bracket and plug the connectors at the back of the new stereo. At this stage, only one wire must be left unconnected. This wire is the antenna or power antenna. Connect the antenna into the new unit.
  • Then fix the new stereo into the slot present at the dash panel of the car. Never screw it in this stage. Instead, test the working of the stereo first. Now connect the disconnected ground wire to the battery.
  • Turn on the car to check the stereo. Play some music to ensure that all the speakers are working. Check each function of the stereo to make sure every function is working properly.
  • If everything is working perfectly, then screw the stereo in its correct place and put the dash cover back at its place.
  • A bad piece of ground cable can make the new stereo unable to work. To overcome this problem, go for some other piece of metal. Also, use a sand paper to clean the surface of the metal wire.
  • Never work while the ground wire is attached to the battery. It can be dangerous for you as well as for the new stereo.
These steps on how to install car stereo will make the car stereo installation easier and cheaper. With these ways, you can very efficiently upgrade your car stereo whenever you feel so.

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