Decorating the living room of an apartment is easy only if you know how to creatively use the space without making it look cluttered. With this article, explore some apartment living room décor ideas.

Apartment Living Room Ideas

Gone are the days when mansions and bungalows served as residential options for people. With the population soaring upwards, real estate prices getting sky-rocketing, and recession on an all time high, affording a decent apartment is a big question, leave alone getting hands on a mansion or bungalow. Taking into consideration the present state, builders, today, are coming out with great designs and structures, while constructing apartments. An apartment varies from having a single bedroom to five. But what is common between all the apartments is the presence of a living room. Also known as sitting room, living room is a space dedicated for entertaining the guests or indulging in activities. It is also called the front room as it is usually positioned right at the entrance of a house. Living room marks the very first impression of the house. As such, a lot of attention should be placed on the decoration of the same. The decoration of the living room describes the owner’s likes and lifestyle. Today, there are different pattern of styling available such as traditional, modern, country comfort. Most people are also experimenting with a lot of decorating stuff in their living room. Combination of two styles is also gaining popularity. If you too are looking for ideas to make your living room stand out or revamp the entire place for a refurbished look, steer through the following lines and get some innovative ideas.
Apartment Living Room Decor Ideas
The interior decoration of the living room is usually done according to the desired style of the owner. Choose your style considering the list below.
Another word for this style is simplicity. It contains furniture and decorating items which are very simple and sober. A couch embellished in plain fabric is a common element of this style. In this style, preference is given to the natural materials and natural colors. Pastel shades or those that give a rustic feel to the whole ambience usually work fine for country living room. While paneled walls add to the rustic theme, wall to wall carpeted covering lends beautification and authenticity to the entire style. This typical style includes a variety of handicraft items for decoration. Whatever accents you choose, make sure they blend well with the overall theme and décor of the room.
It is one of the most acquired styles of today. This style includes lots of innovative furniture made out of geometric shapes and designs. The furniture of this style is well finished and given a polished look. Generally, this style follows a particular color theme. Classic modern is more of a contemporary style having furniture which treats the living room as a 3D art and balances shape-color combination.
The mantra behind this style is just being traditional and attached to your culture. It also gives a room a formal touch. The decoration of a traditional living room consists of many antique pieces. The furniture chosen for the same is usually made of wood and is generally of dark understated colors. Sitting furniture like sofa is generally overstuffed. The style imparts a very comfortable and elegant look to the entire living room. Traditional décor depicts richness, sophistication, class that is timeless, which is why it is popularly referred to as luxurious. The decoration items include paintings, vintage prints, personal mementos, etc. The flooring of the traditional style is usually a stained wooden flooring or of shiny marbles.
Casual Blend
It is a mix of different styles, furniture and decorating items. The style is carried out by mixing two different styles in such a way that all the elements blend harmoniously. Casual blend does not follow a particular style or theme, any furniture and decoration items are put in a manner so that they all together convey a new theme. However, most people end up making major goof-ups while trying this style. The word ‘blend’ is very important when you opt for this style. The furniture, paint, flooring and decorative stuffs maybe of different style, but what you must take notice of is that they should be mixed in such a way that the end result looks appealing and engaging.
Shabby Chic
It is a very unique style embracing the weathered and distressed finish of the furniture. The basic shabby chic theme for the living room is based on icy pastels like pale pink, lavender, faded yellow, etc. The elements of this style include bamboo mats, wicker furniture, faded cotton textiles, bohemian-looking tins, vintage paintings, etc. Remember, the keyword for this style is ‘not perfect’. The entire room should be decorated in such a way that it radiates a ‘fatigued’ look.
Following these living room décor ideas, you can choose the right theme which suits your personality. Select one that has most drawn your attention and come out with a beautiful, unique and innovating apartment living room!

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