Designing a study room requires you to put in a lot of thought and consideration for the same. Go through the article and get ideas for designing a study room.

Study Room Ideas

Everybody needs a quiet time to recollect the thoughts and get in touch with the inner self. So, whether it is reading your favorite book, enjoying your favorite movie, doing some office work, or just dozing off, away from the chaos and noise of this world, a study room gives you the space that is entirely yours. Gone are the days when a study room was just meant for your child to do his homework. Today, it’s for anyone and everyone who wants to just spend a little time by themselves and rejuvenate their minds and souls. Generally built separately from other rooms where there’s not much foot traffic, an intelligently designed and furnished study room can be a blessing for the entire family. The right choices of wall colors, furnishings, lighting, and plants will help you turn an ordinary room into your very own untouched territory where you can play Christopher Columbus, without anyone knowing of the same. Read on if you have an empty room or a study room which you want to improve upon.
Designing A Study Room
Noise Proofing
What good is a study room that can’t keep out that honking from the neighborhood vehicles, the chitter chatter of the ladies living by and the high-pitch screams of little children that could even deafen the rodents living 20 feet beneath the ground? Do you wish that for someone who could just hit you with a tranquilizer gun? Sound-proof that windows and walls and avoid any kind of disturbance from the outside world. Sound-proof curtains are also available, if need be.
Furnish your study room with a neatly designed bookshelf that has enough space for your books to make their home in it. Put up two good recliner chairs with classy options, such as a massager and headphones on the headrest side. A polished wood coffee table wouldn’t hurt either. You’ll be able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while reading and moreover, it will give a classy look to your study room. Place a nice flat screen LCD or LED television with a DVD player to enjoy your favorite movies with a nice bowl of popcorn and coffee. Place a computer table with enough space so that things don’t look muddled up and you can work or pass time on it without getting cranky.
Illumination & Color
Install a nice light system that can be dimmed down if you want to watch a movie or just lie there lost in your thoughts and dimmed up if you want to read a book or study. Have just about enough windows to allow natural light to make its way in and not too much that you feel like a deer caught in the headlights. Paint the interior walls with soft colors so that they aren’t too flashy. Select colors that are easy on the eyes and give you a soothing effect whenever you enter the room.
Go Green
Go green on your study room. Place an indoor plant wherever there’s an empty space. The company of serene nature will increase the oxygen inflow and help you feel more relaxed and brighten up your mood. However, do not muddle up too many pots or flowering plants, lest bees hum their way through your ear, breaking the stillness and peace of both the room and your mind.
Implement on these ideas and turn your study room into a haven of delight wherein you can just add wings to your thoughts. Have a peaceful time!

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