Wondering how to get crispy fine clothes? Read on for all the tips on starching clothes and learn how to starch clothes at home.

How To Starch Clothes

Do you envy those crispy white clothes shown in advertisements on the idiot box? Or do you want people to get impressed with your dressing and give your dazzling fabric a second, third and, maybe, fourth look? Don’t worry! Admitting such desires doesn’t make you narcissistic! Because, since times immemorial, there has been a fuss on how to look crisp! Hence, how to starch clothes in the right way without affecting the quality of clothes is an obvious thought in one’s mind. If you are also wondering how, then here is the right answer. The following write tells how to get that fine look and get the sparkling color back to your fabric. There are 2 types of starch. One is liquid starch that has to be applied to the clothes before drying and the other is spray starch that is sprayed to the clothes before ironing. Those with an experimental streak can also prepare starches at home. So, bid goodbye to all those saggy fabrics following the procedures below stepwise.  
Tips On Starching Clothes
Liquid Starch
  • Once you have rinsed all the soap from your clothes, put them back in clean water.
  • Add liquid starch to the water depending on the clothes loaded. Follow instructions on the starch pack to determine the quantity of starch required.
  • Rinse the clothes lightly and keep them for air drying.
  • Collect the clothes while they are still slightly damp and iron them properly.
  • Ironing activates the starch and leaves the clothes looking bright and crisp. 
Spray Starch
  • Spray starch on a small section of slightly damp clothes right before ironing.
  • Don’t apply too much spray as it may either come off or stain the clothes when ironed.
  • Now spray on to the next section and so on till the entire garment is ironed. 
Starch At Home
Those who want to keep it natural and ward off the unwanted chemicals can prepare a starch at home itself with minimal ingredients.
Method I
Things needed:
  • Corn Starch (about 15 ml)
  • Cold Water
  • A Spray Bottle
  • Heat the water for 90 seconds.
  • Add corn starch gradually and stir continuously till it dissolves completely and voila!
  • Your fine starch is ready to be filled in the spray bottle.  
  • Don’t forget to shake the bottle well before spraying on the fabric. Iron as usual. 
Method II
Things Needed :
  • One potato
  • Boiling water
  • A heat-resistant bowl
  • Spray bottle
  • Wash the potato and peel off its skin thoroughly.
  • Place it in the bowl and cover it with boiling water and leave it overnight.
  • Next morning, strain the liquid to remove any solids and pour it into the spray bottle.
  • Remember, this starch is easily perishable and can be used for a maximum of 3-4 days only.  
How To Starch Jeans In Washing Machine
  • After turning your pair of jeans inside out, put them into washing machine with clean water.
  • Add a pinch of detergent powder and liquid starch into the fabric softener dispenser of your machine.
  • Switch on the washing machine and once the clothes go through the entire cycle, remove the jeans and finally dry them either in the dryer or on a clothesline.

Starching Jeans While Ironing

  • Load the spray bottle with liquid starch halfway and fill the remaining part with cold water and mix well.
  • Lay the jeans neatly on the ironing board.
  • Hold the spray bottle 8-10 inches away from the jeans and evenly spray the starch all over them.
  • Iron the sprayed sections immediately for best results.
  • This technique is the best for denims as it helps retain the colour for a longer time.

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