Laundry room woes are something that every home has! To organize the laundry room requires quite a bit patience and time. Here are some tips on laundry room organizing.

Organizing Laundry Room

“It is better to have loved and lost than to have to do forty pounds of laundry a week!”~ Dr. Lawrence J. Peter. This is how much people hate laundry. It becomes even more loathsome when you have to organize the dumping ground of your home, also known as the laundry room! Doing the laundry is a chore that you might as well grin and bear because you have no other choice. While grinning and bearing, you might as well keep it clean! This way it will seem more of a pleasure than a task. By making the laundry room organized and set in an orderly fashion, you can make your work more efficient. Look at it this way – disarrayed clothes will only make you lose your sense of space and everything will look like one heck of a mess! So, start organizing your laundry room from the scratch with some of these helpful tips.
How To Organize Laundry Room
Look Around
Depending on the size of your laundry room, you can determine how much space everything requires. Think about how you can utilize this space up to its capacity. Check for floor space, cabinets, shelves, ironing area and wall space. It is important to make certain decisions before you begin.
Eliminate Clutter
This is one of the worst parts of cleaning – having to throw stuff away! But, it has to be done. Lots of things don’t belong where they are and you must make a choice what to keep in the rooms. Things such as wall paintings, extra waste bins, some old clothes can all be done away with. You can toss, donate or sell them!
Floor Space
There might not be much floor space in the laundry room. But, instead of throwing your clothes on the floor, it is better that you sort them out and put into baskets. You could decorate your laundry room floor with any material that is not slippery to make it easier to clean it in case soap or water spills onto the floor. A clean floor gives a feeling of spaciousness to the room.
Laundry Baskets
There must ideally be two types of laundry baskets – one for the soiled clothes and one to put in the white clothes. Since white clothes need to be washed separately, it is better that they are sorted previously to avoid double work later on! If you have a bigger room, then you could have one more basket for the delicates. But, this is not exactly necessary. There are different ways one can plan the layout of the room. Even the laundry baskets must be foldable (made of cloth or canvas or synthetic) and not take up too much space creating difficulty walking.
Wall Space
Wall space is one of the most important things here since it is the most storage efficient part. This may consist of wooden shelves or open cabinets to store all the detergents, washing liquids, soaps etc. Moisture resistance is essential. You could get this painted in any colour to give a dash of vibrancy to the room. But, more than anything, it must be utility friendly where it can even hold brushes.
Ironing Table
Prop the table up against the wall or if the room is big enough, you can set it up anywhere you like. Even a stool on which you can sit while ironing is recommended. The iron box can be kept in one of the shelves
The main reason of this article was to make the chore of laundering your clothes seem more pleasant. Add a vase with flowers or a rug to the floor to make it look better. If you have windows to this room, then putting up some nice curtains will also do the trick.

These are some of the ideas that you could use to make your laundry room a livable space. Hope they work!

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