Fed up of your bathroom’s boring look? A simple, unique and stylish way to decorate your bathroom is by adoring it with retro shower curtains. Read further to get ideas for retro shower curtains.

Retro Shower Curtains

We love decorating our house and look for some unique and innovative designs for the same. But the moment we enter our bathroom, the boredom surrounds us again. So, if your bathroom looks lifeless and boring, renovate it with some mind-blowing bathroom shower curtains. Curtains are the major visual element in the bathroom. Not only does a curtain lend the otherwise dull bathroom an aesthetic appeal, it also provides a sense of privacy. The most popular is the retro shower curtain designs. They are unique, stylish and add a classy touch to your bathroom. They enhance the look and feel of the bathroom. While black and white is the most preferred color combination, you can also go for colors that sync well with the theme of your bathroom. And the best thing about the retro shower curtains is that they are cheaper way to remodel your bathroom. In the following lines, we have provided ideas for retro shower curtains.
Retro Shower Curtain Ideas
Shower curtains are available in many retro and vintage designs. They are available in a huge range of color and combination. Before purchasing retro shower curtains, look for trendy patterns, colors and material of it. Nowadays, black and white is people’s choice. Other than these, bold colors and large patterns are also popular.
Retro shower curtains are categorized by the kind of material they are made up of, size, color and designs. The most preferred materials are polyester and vinyl. The combination of cotton with rayon or polyester is preferred. Today, pliable material is available which is more flexible. Designs that remind you of the past also categorize them such as polka dots.
Retro shower curtain rings are generally made of plastic. There are various styles and sizes available in the market. For a contemporary choice, metal rings with rollers is an option to go with. Make sure that whatever you choose is of good quality and longer durability.
After you select one out of the huge variety, make sure that the curtain is airy and dries quickly. It should not be dangerous in case it comes in contact with hot water. To take proper care of the retro shower curtain, dry clean or machine wash it. The color of the retro curtain must match with that of your bathroom. Decide which era you want your retro curtain to depict. The most common of them are 50’s and 60’s.
Different patterns of a retro curtain are geometric, circles, polka dots, cubic and strips. The most popular out of these is the combination of circles and squares. Also, some patterns contain a different design on the top of the curtain combined with strips at the bottom. Apart from these, unique patterns like paisley motif, large flowers and abstract art are also very attracting. Some designs are given below.
One word to describe this design is “class”. This retro shower curtain gives a feeling of spa. Simple and very elegant, tufts are available in various colors.
The curtain depicts waves of 60’s and 70’s. The colors are usually very bright and cheering. Earthy wave’s option is also available.
They are the most loved of all designs. The circles are generally three dimensional in their appearance. They give the feel as if they are jumping out of the curtain. Circles are the favorite of small kids.
Nice floral design gives a refreshing feel to the bathroom. Designs with different flower size and color are available.
You can also go for aquatic, bubble motif, animal, etc if designing for children bathroom. Also, cartoon characters of 60’s and 70’s are present in the market. Another very popular retro design is angel motifs in which you usually have “Garden of Eden” scenes.
Retro shower curtains spice up the look of your bathroom with vibrant colors and unique designs. Stick onto any of the above-mentioned designs and give your bathroom a revamp.

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