If you probably got astonished by the scintillating garden lighting of your neighbor & are looking for some ideas for incorporating the same in your garden space as well, read on.

Garden Lighting Ideas

What could be the best outdoor part of your house after the terrace? Garden pops out as the most popular answer by almost everyone. Yes, surely it is one of the best locations of the house, wherein one can really enjoy sitting alone for hours or have a full-on garden party. What could be a better place to relax from the hectic daily schedule and take a fresh breath of air? Or rejoice the spring by sitting on a comfortable couch and admiring the beautiful flowers and plants? Garden has been used by the house owners to add beauty and magnificence to their houses. People buy exotic flowers and plants and grow them in their gardens. If properly maintained and strategically placed, these plants and flowers go a along way in extracting rave compliments for the house. A garden looks its best in the morning, vibrant during afternoon and spectacular in the evening but what about night, when darkness engulfs this beautiful den of yours? In dark, a garden looks nothing but some dark silhouettes of frightening creatures that can scare small kids and sometimes even you too. Ever cared about your paradise and prepared it to look majestic after nightfall as well? With a few smart arrangements here and there, you can turn the garden into a dreamland for your kids and yourself. It just needs a little creativity from your side to turn the space into a lovely den. Here come some of the best garden lightning ideas to brighten your senses!
Best Garden Lightning Ideas
Select The Areas Of Concern
The first and basic step of garden lightning is to observe the garden carefully. Create an image of the garden you want in your mind. It will act as a reference to you. Now distribute the garden into various parts like pathways, staircase, swimming pool, trees and seating area. Don’t use too much lightning; you are not giving it to a film making crew for shooting a movie. Not only would the space looks too garish and flashy, but leave you an electricity bill of a lifetime.
Choose The Suitable Type Of Lightning
There are both wired and non wired lightning systems to choose from. If you are using electric wired lightning, don’t use excessive wiring. You don’t want guests and family members to constantly trip and stumble on the cluttering wires laid everywhere in the ground. LED garden lights are a good option in solar lighting. They are most efficient, need low maintenance and have longer shelf life. They can be bit costly than normal electric lights, but in the longer run, they can prove pretty much cheaper. CFL and halogen bulbs can be other good options.
Cool Lightning Styles
  • Step lightning, you can lighten your stairs for a marvelous effect. It also serves the purpose of showing the steps and helps people walk in the dark.
  • Using lamp posts, you can brighten up the pathways. Apart from guiding you in the garden, it also gives classic look. Victorian garden lamp posts can be a considerable choice.
  • Cross lightning and shadow lightning can be used to create dreamy multi color shadows of the objects in the garden. This creates a  
  • Spot lightning is the best way to highlight the best parts of your garden. It can be used to show the swimming pool, fountain, water fall, a bench or a beautiful flowery plant.  
  • Spread lightning can be used to draw attention to the grassy beds or shrubs of the garden. With little fixtures, it can create magical effects on grass.
Choosing The Right Colors
Fortunately there is range of colors available in the market to choose from. One can choose between red, green, white, blue, amber and few more. This is the area where your creativity does most of the work. So, give your imagination a run and try to imagine some of the best color combinations for your garden.
Other Cool Options
You can use local handmade lanterns to give an ethnic look to your garden.  Marine lightning is another cool option to light the water structures of your garden like fountain, swimming pool or water fall. However, be careful while using lights around these areas. After all, you don’t want people to get electric shock, or do you?  It will better to use solar lightning as they are environmental friendly, save energy and ultimately would help you contribute to greener earth!
Incorporate these lighting ideas in your garden and help it look blissful even after darkness engulfs it!

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