How to clean your sofa cushion covers is an important question. You will find the answer to your question in the following article. Read to know more about cleaning couch cushion covers.

How To Clean Sofa Cushion Covers

With pets and kids in the house, your worst nightmare would be the distinct trail of marks they tend to leave on the upholsteries. With the covers getting dingy from daily usage, it gets extremely necessary to wash, clean and deodorize these from time to time. Ever heard of the proverb, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’? Well, when it comes to cleaning the sofa cushion covers, it stands you in good stead. When you give your cushion covers a wash every month, you save both time and energy because we all know the concept that less dirty things clean faster. Take care of the covers depending upon the fabric that you are using. For example, a chenille or silk cushion cover goes for a dry wash while a cotton cover can be easily washed in the washing machine. Read the next section to gather more information in this field.
Cleaning Couch Cushion Covers
  • Read the instructions given on the label when you buy the covers. If yours are not the pre-washed covers then you might be in for a little shock. Sofa covers shrink when dipped in water and then they don’t fit the sofa anymore. So when you are buying these covers make sure they are pre-washed.
  • If the label asks you to give the covers for dry cleaning then it is best advised to follow the instructions.
  • A trick to avoid the colours from leaking is to first dip the covers in cold water. Soaking the covers in cold water prevents the colour from running.
  • Next step is to take a bucket of cold water, add a scoop or two of detergent powder and mix well. Soak the wet covers in the detergent water for 15-30 minutes.
  • After this, wash the covers in your washing machine following the instructions on the label.
  • Turn on the washing machine and use a cold-water cycle and large load size so that the cushions have room to move in the water. Allow the washing machine to complete its wash cycle.
  • After the wash cycle is finished, partially dry the covers on the clothes line or in the dryer on low heat, but don’t allow them to dry completely. Instead, put covers back onto the sofa when they’re still slightly damp. This way, if you need to stretch them back to fit, you can do so easily.
  • If you have to iron them then do so after they’re back on the couch keeping the iron on the cool setting. Using a high heat setting will make your covers to shrink. So be careful and don’t keep the temperatures high.
  • All this is fine and easy if you have a detachable cushion cover. Assuming that you do not have the option to remove the cover then take a damp piece of cloth and dab the cushion cover. Repeat the dabbing procedure with another piece of wet cloth. You could soak the piece of wet cloth in a bit of detergent water if you have a feeling that your sofa cover is really dirty.
  • Soak the water with the help of paper towel. Place a few sheets of paper towel on the sofa and apply pressure until the water is soaked. If you still find the sofa damp, then allow it to air dry for a day. Or using a hair drier is a good alternative.
Hopefully, the above mentioned tips will help you in cleaning your sofa cover. If you are lazy to follow the steps mentioned above then remind yourself the fortune you are saving by not taking them to the nearest laundry service.

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