A reupholstered couch can make the living room it graces look much better. Steer through this article to learn how to reupholster a couch.

How To Reupholster A Couch

Nothing can be compared to the comfort you get when you plonk yourself on your sofa or your much-loved couch with a glass of wine or whisky after a hard day at work. Sitting on a soft, cushioned couch after a tiring day will relax your muscles and will provide you with a few hours of revitalization. However, your couch does not just serve the purpose of loosening your muscles and relaxing your back; it also receives your guests with the same warmth, takes a beating when your kids jump and play on it, and also provides comfort to your pet cat or dog at times. All this wear and tear makes your couch not only sag, but also makes it lose its touch and feel. This calls in for reupholstering your couch to give it a brand new look. The following section deals with the steps of reupholstering a couch. Read on to learn more.

Reupholstering A Couch 

  • Springs
  • New fabric
  • Foam padding
  • Iron
  • Staple gun
  • Sewing machine


Steps 1
The couch might be the one that was gifted to you by your parents, or you might have many other sweet memories attached to it. Pick up your camera and click a picture to capture the way your couch originally looked to freeze all memories. While taking pictures of the various angles of your couch, you can even carefully examine the way the couch is upholstered. This will assist you in your process of reupholstering.

Step 2
Once you have examined your couch carefully, measure the dimensions of your couch and the cushions to calculate the required measure of fabric to be purchased. Once you have the measurements, decide the kind of fabric you want to purchase, the colour and design you would like to see on your couch. It is advisable to choose a thick fabric in order to prolong the life of the couch.

Step 3
Once you have bought the new fabric, it is time to strip your couch off its old covering. Do not rip apart the fabric hurriedly; instead, carefully remove it from the couch. You will have to remove the staples securing the covering to remove it. This old fabric can be used to measure and cut the new fabric to fit the couch later on. Now check the stuffing and place it under the sun for it to plump up. If even after this the stuffing is unable plump up, you will have to replace the stuffing as well.

Step 4
After examining the stuffing and the springs, purchase a new set if the old springs, staples and stuffing are worn out and beyond repair. Make sure that you purchase good quality springs, stuffing and staples to endow your couch with a long life and durability.

Step 5
Now sit down and cut the fabric according to the measurements taken earlier or by referring to the old couche's covering. Make sure that you make some allowance on the sides to provide easy fitting to your couch. Iron the cut pieces of the new fabric to obtain a neat look without any creases. This will simplify the process of stitching the fabric together.

Step 6
Now use the staple gun to attach the fabric to the foundation of your couch. Start securing the fabric from the base of the couch moving to the back and then to the sides. Stretch the fabric while stapling it along the couch in order to get neat finish without any wrinkles or loose sides.

Step 7
Once the fabric is secured, start sewing the cushion covers according to the dimensions of the cushions. Try and give them a neat fit while stitching them. Make sure that you don’t make them too tight or too loose, it should be a perfect fit. Once stitched, slide the cover onto the cushions and place them on the couch.

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