You will be surprised to hear there are a hundred different types couch cushion covers to decorate your sofa set. Read this article for more information on couch cushion covers.

Types Of Couch Cushion Covers

Contrasting sofa covers and cushion covers add colour and style to your living room. Cushions can be thrown around on the bed, on the chair or even on the floor to give the room a warm, cosy and comfortable ambience. And with floral designs, silk covers or even simple cotton prints to choose from, you will realise that giving the decor a face lift does not necessarily have to pinch your wallet. From hiding the sagging seat to the threadbare arms in your favourite couch, a cushion cover is all you need to avoid reupholstering. Also, if you are afraid to repaint the walls since you do not have the budget to buy new furniture then buying new cushion covers is the cheapest and the best alternative. Depending upon your taste, you could experiment with bold vibrant colours or soft subtle colours. Read the following section to know more about the types of cushion covers
Different Kinds Of Couch Cushion Covers
Cotton Cushion Covers
Cotton cushion covers are easy to maintain. These may be a good option for a day-to-day regular use. With a variety of prints to choose from and hassle free maintenance, these cotton covers are a popular choice for many.
Polyester Cushion Covers
Polyester cushion covers are durable and long lasting. Like the cotton covers, even the polyester covers are used on a regular basis but have a longer life.
Silk Cushion Covers
Silk cushion covers are luxury items used as decorative pieces for special occasions. These cushion covers add a classy and stylish touch that gives any ordinary room that extra oomph but their maintenance being expensive and tedious, you wouldn’t want too many silk sets.
Chenille Cushion Covers
Chenille is a French word for caterpillar. It is named so since this yarn is obtained from that insect. It is soft and comes in various designs and styles. A chenille cushion cover has to be handled with extreme care. Read the instructions carefully and stick to them carefully.
Taffeta Cushion Covers
Taffeta is a very shimmering fabric that has natural smoothness. If embroidered or given appliqué work it looks very elegant. So you can also go for taffeta cushion covers if what you are looking for is a luxury cushion cover.
Suede Cushion Covers
Suede cushion covers are made from soft leather. These are a bit expensive. Even these come with a delicate and a ‘handle with care’ tag.
Velvet Cushion Cover
These velvet cushion covers give a touch of royalty to the room. A little loud, a little bold but classy and sophisticated at the same time. Slip them on your cushions if you share the same style.
Jacquard Cushion Covers
Jacquard cushion covers have intricate patterns that look very cool when used on sofa or couch. Designs are raised and woven in the fabric itself.
Twill Cushion Covers
In twill cushion covers you will have parallel raised lines or diagonal lines. So if you are fond of the abstract and the unusual, a twill cushion cover is what you need for that couch of yours.
Dobby Cushion Covers
Dobby cushion covers have geometric designs, floral prints that are weaved into fabric. These cushion covers are bound to make your room look inviting and friendly.
Handmade Cushion Covers
Handmade cushion covers can be knitted or stitched depending upon your strength and forte. These are always the best option as a duplicate piece cannot be found in the whole wide world. With some good constructive usage of free time and no holes in the pocket, you will successfully transform your old furniture into a brand new one.
Hope the ideas mentioned above help you to get a revamp and a makeover for your couch.

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