Paint spots are always a headache and how to get paint out of clothes is another big question. Learn how to remove paint from clothes in this article.

How To Get Paint Out of Clothes

Have you recently painted your room with vibrant colors? Painting your room on your own is always fun. You take a lot of precautions, so that not a drop of paint drizzles onto your clothes, but someway or the other, paint stains find a way to your clothes and that too on your favorite pair of comfy jeans. Wish you had jumped into those clothes that you were planning to dump anyways before starting the whole painting process? Even if you wish for the same, now it’s too late to repent or go back to that time as the stubborn paint has already left its mark on your clothes. Although to remove these stains from the clothes is quite a headache, with some simple steps it can be taken off easily from clothes. Since paint is not very easy to get out with the normal washing, you would require some extra ingredients for the process. The first step towards removing paint from your clothes is to check which type of paint is it, acrylic, fabric or latex. Also, whether the paint stains on the clothes are dry or wet matters a lot. It is always better to get the paint out of the clothes as soon as possible. Check out how to remove paint from clothes in the following lines.
Removing Paint Stains from Clothes
Acrylic Paint
  • Gather material like nail polish remover, hairspray, window cleaner and an old cloth.
  • To remove the acrylic paint, first take a clean cloth to blot the paint. Never rub or spread the paint.
  • Now take another cloth and spray 3-4 squirts of window cleaner on it. Keep it like this for around 10 seconds. Next, spray 4-5 squirts of hairspray.
  • Now wet the cloth with the nail polish remover and wait for around 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Ensure that you have applied all the three sprays at the same spot only.
  • Now, take the wet cloth and scrub on the acrylic paint spot. Scrub hard without damaging the cloth to remove the spot away.
  • Change the cleaning cloth the moment it picks up the acrylic paint off. In case there is paint still left, take a fresh cloth and repeat the process adding the same quantity of cleaning agent to it and then rubbing it over the spot area.
  • When the entire paint stain has vanished, wash the cloth in warm water. Washing will remove all the cleaning agents used in the process.
Latex Paint
  • Gather all the required material including one clean and one old cloth, spray bottle and rubbing alcohol.
  • Pour the rubbing alcohol into the spray bottle.
  • Next, place the stained cloth at the plain table. Spray the rubbing alcohol directly on the paint spot.
  • Now take an old cloth and start rubbing it over the spot as hard as you can in order to remove the spot. Remember not to harm the cloth in doing so.
  • Spray the alcohol in little quantities many times and keep on rubbing the cloth until the cloth gets off with all the paint.
  • Use the clean cloth to wipe the spot.
  • Finally, wash the cloth normally in the washing machine.
Fabric Paint
  • Collect all the required material such as rubbing alcohol, dull knife, hairspray, liquid hand sanitizer and some old cloths.
  • Take a medium-sized bowl and mix 1 tbsp rubbing alcohol and 1 tbsp liquid hand sanitizer.
  • After mixing it well, dip a clean cloth in this mixture for about 10 seconds.
  • Now take out the cloth from the mixture and rub it hardly on the paint spot.
  • Next, take the dull knife and very carefully try to scrape off the paint from the cloth. Make sure that you do not harm the cloth in the process.
  • Take the hairspray and spray it over the paint spot and wait for about 5 minutes.
  • Finally, wash the cloth in the washing machine and let it dry naturally.
  • If the paint stain still exists, use the hair spray again on the spot and wash it thoroughly.
Tips and Warnings
  • Rubbing alcohol may remove some of the fabric’s color, so don’t rub it too hard, lest you have both the paint and the actual color out.
  • If the paint has dried, you can use a strong tape to remove the stain. Apply the tape firmly on the spot and rub gently. Take it off nicely. This works well on cotton and denims.
  • Be extremely careful while dealing with gentle fabrics as you might harm them more in the process.
With these simple ways of how to remove the paint from the clothes, you do not have to worry about them anymore. Your lovable clothes will again be spot less and beautiful as before.

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