Looking for simple tips and solutions for cleaning and organizing your garage? With this article, learn how to organize a garage.

How To Organize A Garage

What do you assume a garage to be? A storage space stuffed and cramped with bikes, cars, suitcases, camping gear, and loads of boxes over-flowing with assorted junk, whether usable or useless. However, the major problem arises when you are searching for a screwdriver to mend your bicycle but can’t find simply because you’d thrown it away somewhere in the junk lying untouched for months. Though a garage can become one of the most efficient uses of space in any home, but all thanks to the continuous filling of mess and scrap that it becomes unworkable over a period of time. Nevertheless, it can be brought back on track by organizing it with few simple tips and little endeavors. Check out the different steps in the following text for organizing your garage. Read on and make your life easier finding the required tool instantly.
Garage Organizing Tips
Remove All Items
Clear and remove all the items in your garage and segregate them into different categories. Discard all items that are no longer usable and in bad shape. However, if the item can be re-used but is of no importance to you, give it away to your friends and relatives who require it, or donate it to a charity, or take it at the consignment shop. Categorize the remaining items into painting supplies, tools, sports equipments, garbage can, and recycling containers.
Wash The Garage
Water, oil leaks, and spills are common sights in a garage. Wash the garage and paint the walls and floor anew using washable paint of good quality. To keep the dirt away and clean the walls easily, use epoxy paint colors. Thereafter, put back the shelves and storage cabinets.
Go Vertical
If your garage is small but has a high ceiling, utilize the available space to the maximum. Add shelves and cabinets off the floor to store small items such as paints, tools, potting supplies, and others. Hang shovels, rakes, and brooms using clasps nailed on walls.
Gather Bits & Pieces
Tools that are often used in repairing and fixing machines and equipments can be hung on a pegboard above the workbench. You can even nail a separate hook for each tool. Use your imagination and create a work of art with bright colors. Items, like gardening tools, camping gear, and car wash materials should be collected and stored in boxes or plastic totes and labeled. Dispose small items, such as nails and screws, in small plastic bins so that they are easy to reach when needed. As for golf clubs, tennis rackets, sports shoes, baseball bats, rollerblades, and other sports equipments, you can assign special racks for each material.
Create Another Storage Area
After decluttering and arranging the entire stuff in the garage, if you still find your garage space to be jammed up with family bikes and other larger items, it is best to make another shed in the yard. As for furniture, books, and clothing that tend to mildew or attract moths in off-season, put them in a climatized storage locker.
Hope, these tips and instructions help you organize and manage your garage and storage area. Go ahead and give your garage a complete makeover.

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