Enhance your home decor with these home lighting ideas. For more on ideas for home lighting, read on.

Home Lighting Ideas

Most people spend hours poring over paint cards to pick the perfect palettes for their pad. Nevertheless, little do they realize that a true color rendition is impossible to achieve without correct lighting. Before you pump up tons of cash to buy gallons of latex, lush drapes and chrome fittings, just know that without enough light, your home would just turn into another dim hovel. Whether you wish to make a jaw-dropping impression with your living room or create a relaxing refuge for yourself, you need ample lights to whomp up the desired impression. At times, all it takes is a stunning, well-chosen piece of lighting fixture to turn a boring dig into an extraordinary space. Vibrant lights can amp up an entire room’s decor and produce an impeccable color statement. Whether you wish to create a restful, calm zone for yourself or a warm and welcoming ambience for the guests, you can turn your pad from being a comfort zone to a perfect hangout just with the flick of a switch. Trail down the following ideas for home lighting and pump up the wow-factor of your pad.
Ideas For Home Lighting
  • Whether you wish to make your living room appear cozier, larger and more eye-catching, give your boring parlor a facelift or just play up your latest Vincent Van Gogh artwork, you can add some real spunk and warm glow to your living area at the flick of a switch. From pendant lights to glares to downlighters and more, there are plenty of lighting options for you to choose from. You can use table lamps for a spacious yet cozy feel, mount wall washers to brighten up your walls, or hang chandeliers to add some life to your somber ceilings. No matter which light fitting you go for, always make sure that your fittings don’t clash with your overall scheme.
  • Your kitchen is the place where you pop in frequently to prepare food, eat and entertain. Therefore, it is important for you to light up your kitchen adequately. If you don’t wish to strain your eyes while chopping veggies or while poring over the recipe book, then it’s best to go with a central pendant light that offers overall illumination. However, if you wish to highlight specific corners of your kitchen like cupboards, chopping tables, the cooking range and more, you can go for clip lights or ceiling-mounted fittings.
  • The bathroom is possibly the most complex space to light up. While you need enough light to shave or put on makeup, you wouldn’t possibly like to indulge in a hot bath with a 100 watt bulb glaring right on your face. A flattering porcelain or glass bathroom light fixture not only looks stunning, but also adds life to dingy and depressing bathing areas.  You can use downlighters above glass sinks for a lovely feel, install a row of lights over your mirror, use several wall lights or dot the ceilings with several low-voltage spotlights or downlighters for a great effect.
  • Your bedroom is one place where you can actually play with your lighting schemes. However, before you install twinkling fairy lights or a flashy neon, remember that your bedroom is a place where you unwind at the end of the day and look forward to a good night’s sleep. Therefore, you wouldn’t want any dazzling lights to shock your senses. If you are fond of reading during bedtime, you can mount bedside lamps or place a simple table lamp on your bedside cabinet which would fit the bill. You can use tungsten or fluorescent strips on your wardrobe, use a low-wattage bulb if you have an infant, and play with soft nightlights for a cozy slumber.
  • Hallways and corridors are some of the most overlooked areas and deserve as much lighting as the rest of your house. Since these are the most treaded corners of your pad, make sure there are no dark corners. You can use overhead lights or use recessed spotlights in the stairs for better illumination. 
From chandeliers to clip lights, incorporating correct lighting can do wonders for your home. These home lighting ideas should sparkle up your pad like never before.

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